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Technical Committee on Magnetic Recording & Information Storage (IEICE-MRIS)
Chair: Shuhei Yoshida (Kinki Univ.)
Secretary: Ikuya Tagawa (Tohoku Inst. of Tech.), Hiroko Arai (AIST)
Assistant: Yasuaki Nakamura (Ehime Univ.), Yoshiyuki Hirayama (Samsung)

Technical Group on Multi-media Storage (MMS)
Chair: Kenji Machida (NHK)
Secretary: Atsushi Musha (Fujifilm Corp.), Nobuhiko Funabashi (NHK)

Fri, Dec 10, 2021 13:00 - 17:15


Signal Processing and Others

Fri, Dec 10 PM (13:00 - 17:15)

(1)/IEICE-MRIS 13:00 - 13:25
A Study on Burst Error Correction in Magnetic Tape Drive by LDPC Code
Taisei Akamatsu, Yasuaki Nakamura, Madoka Nishikawa, Yoshihiro Okamoto (Ehime Univ.)

(2)/IEICE-MRIS 13:25 - 13:50
Shift-rotation multiplexing in holographic data storage
Yamato Saito, Shuhei Yoshida (Kindai Univ.)

(3)/IEICE-MRIS 13:50 - 14:15
Error Correcting Finite State Code for DNA Storage
Takumi Marumo, Hiroshi Kamabe, Shan Lu (Gifu Univ.)

----- Break ( 15 min. ) -----

(4)/IEICE-MRIS 14:30 - 15:20
[Invited Talk]
Large-capacity research data management platform realized by magnetic tape storage
Junya Mori (FUJIFILM)

----- Break ( 15 min. ) -----

(5)/IEICE-MRIS 15:35 - 16:00
Development of flux control writer
-- World's first practical use of assist record technology --
Naoyuki Narita, Masayuki Takagishi (Toshiba corporate R&D center), Gaku Koiizumi, Akihiko Takeo (Toshiba devices & storage corporation), Tomoyuki Maeda (Toshiba corporate R&D center)

(6)/IEICE-MRIS 16:00 - 16:25
Effect of dot thickness and diameter in dual-structure heat-assisted magnetic recording on bit patterned media
Simon Greaves, Hikaru Yamane, Ichiro Tanaka (Tohoku Univ.)

(7)/IEICE-MRIS 16:25 - 16:50
Characterization of ultra-thin magnetic films using a high sensitivity VNA-FMR spectrometer
Shingo Tamaru (AIST)

(8)/MMS 16:50 - 17:15
Effect of misalignment of detectors in space-division phase-shifting method with diffraction gratings
Teruyoshi Nobukawa, Yutaro Katano, Masahide Goto, Tetsuhiko Muroi, Kei Hagiwara (NHK)

# Information for speakers
General Talk will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

- This conference is co-sponsored by ITE-MMS and IEICE Technical Committees : Magnetic Recording & Information Storage,IEEE CE Soc. Japan Chapter.

=== Technical Committee on Magnetic Recording & Information Storage (IEICE-MRIS) ===

=== Technical Group on Multi-media Storage (MMS) ===

Mon, Feb 21, 2022 - Tue, Feb 22, 2022: online [Mon, Dec 13]

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