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Technical Group on Multi-media Storage (MMS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Eiichi Miyashita (NHK)
Secretary Nobuhiro Kinoshita (NHK)

Technical Committee on Magnetic Recording (IEICE-MR)
Chair Masukazu Igarashi (HGST)
Secretary Tetsuya Kanbe (Syowa Denko), Satoshi Shirotori (Toshiba)
Assistant Fumiko Akagi (Kogakuin Univ.), Takayuki Shima (AIST)

Conference Date Thu, Dec 11, 2014 13:10 - 17:25
Fri, Dec 12, 2014 09:00 - 11:45
Topics Signal Processing, etc. 
Conference Place  

Thu, Dec 11 PM 
13:10 - 17:25
13:10-13:35 A study on two-dimensional equalization for array head reading in SMR Naoki Fujimoto, Yasuaki Nakamura, Hisashi Osawa, Yoshihiro Okamoto (Ehime Univ.), Yasushi Kanai (Niigata Inst. Tech.), Hiroaki Muraoka (Tohoku Univ.)
13:35-14:00 Performance evaluation of LDPC coding and iterative decoding system in SMR with head skew Ryouta Suzutou, Yasuaki Nakamura, Hisashi Osawa, Yoshihiro Okamoto (Ehime Univ.), Kanai Yasushi (Niigata Inst. Tech.), Hiroaki Muraoka (Tohoku Univ.)
14:00-14:25 Overview of Large Sector Panu Chaichanavong, Jinyoung Kim (Marvell)
14:25-14:50 Electrical Resonance by the Actuator's Insufficient Grounding and the Resonance Noise Invasion onto Read Signal Path by the Noise Pick-up Sensitivity of the Read Head Nobumasa Nishiyama, Kazuhiro Nagaoka (HGST), Tatemi Ido (Hitachi), Yuji Soga (HGST)
  14:50-15:05 Break ( 15 min. )
15:05-15:30 A study on PLL design for high recording density tape system Atsushi Musha (FUJIFILM/Ehime Univ.), Osamu Shimizu (FUJIFILM)
15:30-15:55 Achievement of Much Higher Memory Density and Realization of Successive Writing and Reading Operation in HDD-Type Ferroelectric Data Storage System Tomonori Aoki, Yoshiomi Hiranaga, Yasuo Cho (Tohoku Univ.)
15:55-16:20 Simple modeling of readback response based on granular micro-structure Takuma Jin, Hiroaki Muraoka, Simon John Greaves (Tohoku Univ.)
  16:20-16:35 Break ( 15 min. )
16:35-17:25 [Invited Talk]
Toward new memory hierarchy in computer systems
Mitaro Namiki (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.)
Fri, Dec 12 AM 
09:00 - 11:45
09:00-09:25 Influences of Pt/Co Composition and Thickness on the Metastable Ordered Phase Formation in Co-Pt Alloy Film Mitsuru Ohtake, Daisuke Suzuki, Masaaki Futamoto (Chuo Univ.), Fumiyoshi Kirino (Tokyo Univ. Arts), Nobuyuki Inaba (Yamagata Univ.)
09:25-09:50 Effect of layer thickness ratio on magnetization reversal process in stacked media with high coercivity Naoto Nomiya, Akihiro Ooyama, Ryuji Sugita (Ibaraki Univ.)
09:50-10:15 Stacking structure dependence of magnetic properties of Co/Pt layer stacked film sputter – deposited at room temperature . Taruho Tsuchiya, Naoki Honda, Hironaga Uchida (Tohoku Inst Tech), Shin Saito, Shintaro Hinata (Tohoku Univ)
  10:15-10:30 Break ( 15 min. )
10:30-10:55 Simulation study of shingled recording on 3-layer ECC granular media Naoki Honda (Tohoku Inst. Tech.), Kiyoshi Yamakawa (Akita Ind. Tech. Center)
10:55-11:20 Theoretical analysis and evaluation of peristrophic recording with spherical reference wave in holographic data storages Shuhei Yoshida, Yoshihiko Nakamura, Yu Tsukamoto, Manabu Yamamoto (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
11:20-11:45 Demand for Engineers on Magnetic Recording Yoshitake Kurihara (NIT Kagawa Col.)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Invited TalkEach speech will have 45 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

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MMS Technical Group on Multi-media Storage (MMS)   [Latest Schedule]
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IEICE-MR Technical Committee on Magnetic Recording (IEICE-MR)   
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