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Technical Group on Information Display (IDY) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hideo Fujikake (Tohoku Univ.)
Vice Chair Keiichi Betsui (Hitachi)
Secretary Hiroyuki Yamakita (Panasonic)

Technical Committee on Electronic Information Displays (IEICE-EID) [schedule] [select]
Chair Mutsumi Kimura (Ryukoku Univ.)
Vice Chair Tomokazu Shiga (Univ. Electro-Comm.), Yuko Kominami (Shizuoka Univ.)
Secretary Munekazu Date (NTT), Masahiro Yamaguchi (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Assistant Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.), Hajime Yamaguchi (Toshiba), Hiroyuki Nitta (Japan Display), Shiro Ozawa (NTT), Mitsuru Nakata (NHK)

* (IEIJ-SSL) [schedule] [select]

Society for Informtion Display Japan Chapter (SID-JC) [schedule] [select]

Conference Date Tue, Nov 12, 2013 13:00 - 16:40
Conference Place  

Tue, Nov 12 PM 
13:00 - 16:40
13:00-13:25 Report of the 13th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2013)
-- OLED --
Kazuki Nakamura (Chiba Univ.)
13:25-13:50 Report on IMID2013
-- 3D sessions --
Tsutomu Horikoshi (NTTdocomo)
13:50-14:15 Preport on IMID2013
-- Display Circuit, Systems and Applications --
Haruhiko Okumura (Toshiba Corp.)
14:15-14:40 Papers in organic TFTs session of IMID2013
-- organic TFTs --
Jun-ichi Hanna (Tokyo Tech)
  14:40-15:00 Break ( 20 min. )
15:00-15:25 Report on EuroDisplay 2013
-- Liquid crystal technologies --
Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
15:25-15:50 Report on EuroDisplay2013
-- Projection Display --
Akihiro Nagase (Mitsubishi Elec.)
15:50-16:15 EuroDisplay 2013 Report
-- OLED & Flexible Device --
Genichi Motomura (NHK)
16:15-16:40 Report on EuroDisplay 2013
-- 3D Displays --
Takahiro Ishinabe (Tohoku Univ.)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

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IDY Technical Group on Information Display (IDY)   [Latest Schedule]
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IEICE-EID Technical Committee on Electronic Information Displays (IEICE-EID)   [Latest Schedule]
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IEIJ-SSL * (IEIJ-SSL)   [Latest Schedule]
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SID-JC Society for Informtion Display Japan Chapter (SID-JC)   [Latest Schedule]
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