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Chair Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Vice Chair Hiroyuki Arai (Nippon Institute of Technology)

Conference Date Sat, Feb 8, 2020 10:20 - 17:00
Conference Place  

  10:00-10:20 ( 20 min. )
Sat, Feb 8 AM 
10:30 - 12:30
(1) 10:30-10:45 A System to Experience Basic Action of Kendo Using VR and Body Movement Takumi Tanaka, Asako Soga (RU)
(2) 10:45-11:00 Analysis of dance choreography combination using random forest Ryosuke Kitai, Asako Soga (RU)
(3) 11:00-11:15 Comparisons of Baseball Practice Swings by Motion Capture Taichi Miyabe, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.)
(4) 11:15-11:30 A System for Appreciating 3DCG and Rollout Image of Maki-e Fountain Pens Using VR Rikuto Asao, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.), Takuzi Suzuki (National Museum of Japanese History)
(5) 11:30-11:45 Improvement of Expression by Automatically Adding Background Color to Electronic Books Ryo Suzuki, Kazuto Kamikura (Tokyo Polytechnic Univ.)
(6) 11:45-12:00 Luminance Correction using a Response Function considering Projector Deterioration Kei Sugimoto, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(7) 12:00-12:15 Surrounding Stealth Projection by Combining Front and Back Projection Shinichi Okuda, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(8) 12:15-12:30 Extension of blind image restoration using sparse optimization to multispectral images Dan Suto, Yoshitaka Izumi, Souta Kawakami, Hiroyuki Kudo (Tsukuba Univ.)
  12:30-13:45 Break ( 75 min. )
Sat, Feb 8 AM 
10:30 - 12:15
(9) 10:30-10:45 An Evaluation Method of Manual Work by using 3D Position of Finger Joint Mami Umezono (TMCIT), Koki Hirota, Takashi Komuro (Saitama Univ.), Shoji Yamamoto (TMCIT)
(10) 10:45-11:00 Construction of general-purpose information display system by using position and azimuth sensors Miki Uchiyama, Yasuyuki Saito (NITKC)
(11) 11:00-11:15 How different methods of communication affect the listener ’s facial expressions that show understanding Teppei Tajima, Yuuki Kimura, Ryoko Uno, Ikuko Shimizu (TUAT)
(12) 11:15-11:30 An Examination of Influence on Physical Ability by Visual Change of the Arm Using an HMD Yuzuki Okubo (Utsunomiya Univ.), Yuichi Katagiri, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC), Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(13) 11:30-11:45 An Examination of Position Estimation of Virtual Objects Outside a Field of View Using Auditory Stimuli Kazuki Oikawa, Zentaro Kimura, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(14) 11:45-12:00 An Examination of Estimating Interests as Tourism Targets by Machine Learning with Fixation Behavior Akihiro Suzuki, Koya Suzuki, Zentaro Kimura, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(15) 12:00-12:15 An Examination of Effects of Fear by VR Content on Time Estimation Masaki Kitajima, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
  12:15-13:45 Break ( 90 min. )
Sat, Feb 8 PM 
13:45 - 15:15
(16) 13:45-14:00 Non-dual solving method of constrained convex optimization problem and its application to inverse image processing problem Hayato Endo, Hiroyuki Kudo (Tsukuba Univ.)
(17) 14:00-14:15 Motionless Super-Resolution Under Blind Conditions Yoshitaka Izumi, Sota Kawakami, Hiroyuki Kudo (Tsukuba Univ.)
(18) 14:15-14:30 Preliminary study on recognition of upstairs and tables in environments with people by our Xtion PRO LIVE cane system Chi Zhang, Hotaka Takizawa, Akihisa Ohya (Univ. of Tsukuba), Makoto Kobayashi (Tsukuba Univ. of Tech.), Mayumi Aoyagi (Aichi Univ. of Edu.)
(19) 14:30-14:45 Recognizing the listener’s understanding in conversation using video analysis Yuuki Kimura, Teppei Tajima, Ryoko Uno, Ikuko Shimizu (TUAT)
(20) 14:45-15:00 Analysis of the relationship between outfit and impression words based on variation of clothing color and shape in fashion snaps Nanako Yahagi, Ikuko Shimizu (TUAT), Takahisa Miyatake, Kazutomo Shibahara, Koji Fujimoto (Tensor Consulting)
(21) 15:00-15:15 Effect of combination of directional and diffused lights on lightness perception and KANSEI evaluation of fabric Shoichi Tamane, Naoya Takahashi, Tomoharu Ishikawa (Utsunomiya Univ.), Yoko Mizokami (Chiba Univ.), Miyoshi Ayama (Utsunomiya Univ.)
  15:15-15:30 Break ( 15 min. )
Sat, Feb 8 PM 
13:45 - 15:15
(22) 13:45-14:00 Study on Signal Under-sampling Pattern in Deep Learning Reconstruction for MR Compressed Sensing Yuki Sato, Satoshi ITO (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(23) 14:00-14:15 Relationship between skin temperature transition and thermal sensation evaluation in fabric contact Shota Kikuchi, Tomoharu Isikawa (Utsunomiya Univ), Minoru Mitsui (IoT), Akio Nozawa (AGU)
(24) 14:15-14:30 Measurement of hearing threshold and Auditory Brainstem Response in migraine patients Kazuki Kawakami, Tomoharu Ishikawa (Utsunomiya Univ.), Katuhiro Maki (Aichi Shukutoku Univ.), Muneto Tatsumoto (Dokkyo Medical Univ.), Hiroshi Hasegawa (Utsunomiya Univ.), Koichi Hirata (Dokkyo Medical Univ.)
(25) 14:30-14:45 Relationship between the aspect of stretch change of fabric surface and stretchy evaluation Yuki Taira, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Hiroshi Mori (Utsunomiya Univ.), Minoru Mitsui (IoT), Keiko Yanagida (Bunkagakuen Univ.), Kazuya Sasaki, Miyoshi Ayama (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(26) 14:45-15:00 Convolutional Neural Network-based bird detection and species recognition from images automatically captured in real environment Tiankuang Li, Hiroki Kuroda, Wataru Kitamura, Koji Iwano (Tokyo City Univ.)
(27) 15:00-15:15 3D motion analysis of human with spatio temporal interpolation of lidar data Zihao Wang, Yota Yamaji, Yibuki Sato, Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ)
  15:15-15:30 Break ( 15 min. )
Sat, Feb 8 PM 
15:30 - 17:00
(28) 15:30-16:30 [Special Talk]
Takayuki Kidoshi, Asami Ikeda (Onso system labo), Seigou Yasuda (Former new technology development foundation), Masao Kasuga (Sakushingakuin Univ.)
  16:30-17:00 ( 30 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
Young Researcher's TalkEach speech will have 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Special TalkEach speech will have 50 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

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