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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
ENT 2021-09-11
Online Online The role and potential of accelerators in startups -- From the perspective of SDGs --
Hiroyuki Suzuki (Kochi Uni of Technology)
 [more] ENT2021-7
ENT 2021-09-11
Online Online Proposal of a business model to promote digitalization by dental material manufacturer
Ryosuke Kuroiwa (YAMAKIN), Kazuo Hayashi (KUT)
This paper analyzed the decrease in dental technicians and the stagnation of digitalization of dental technicians, and c... [more] ENT2021-8
IEICE-EID, IEICE-SDM, IDY [detail] 2020-12-02
Kyoto   [Special Invited Talk] Defects control in oxide semiconductors at low-temperature and its application to flexible devices
Yusaku Magari, Mamoru Furuta (Kochi Univ. of Technol.)
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC, IEE-EDD [detail] 2020-01-24
Tottori Tottori Univ [Poster Presentation] Physical properties of anodized aluminum oxide for low temperature processed IGZO thin-film transistors.
Kono Shuya, Mori Marin, Koretomo Daichi, Furuta Mamoru (KUT)
(To be available after the conference date) [more]
IEICE-SDM, IEICE-EID, IDY [detail] 2019-12-24
Nara NAIST Ga-Sn-O TFT fabricated on Al2O3 insulating film
Kazuki Hattori, Kenta Tanino, Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Mutsumi Kimura (Ryukoku Univ), Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Li Liu (Kochi Univ of Tech)
We compared the characteristics of Ga-Sn-O Thin Film Transistors (GTO TFTs) with and without an Al2O3 film by mist Chemi... [more] IDY2019-70
IEICE-EID, IEICE-SDM, IDY [detail] 2018-12-25
Kyoto   Device Using Thin Film of GTO by MistCVD Method
Yuta Takishita, Sumio Sugisaki (Ryukoku Univ.), Daichi Koretomo, Yusaku Magari, Mamoru Furuta (KUT), Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Mutsumi Kimura (Ryukoku Univ.)
We made devices using Ga-Sn-O(GTO) thin films deposited by mist CVD method. A thin film transistor incorporating GTO pre... [more] IDY2018-57
IEICE-EID, IEICE-SDM, IDY [detail] 2018-12-25
Kyoto   Dependence of thermoelectric properties and structure of Ga-Sn-O thin films on annealing
Yoku Ikeguchi, Tatsuya Aramaki (Ryukoku Univ.), Kenta Umeda, Mutsunori Uenuma (NAIST), Daichi Koretomo, Yusaku Magari, Mamoru Furuta (KUT), Mutsumi Kimura (Ryukoku Univ.)
Ga-Sn-O(GTO) thin films were formed using RF magnetron sputtering, and the influence of deposition pressure and crystal ... [more] IDY2018-59
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEE-EDD, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC [detail] 2017-01-26
Tokushima Tokushima Univ. [Poster Presentation] Dependence of ZnO nanostructures fabricated on the different substrates by a novel annealing method
Xie LiLin, Hou Shengwen, LI Chaoyang (Kochi Univ. Tech.)
IST 2016-03-11
Tokyo NHK Research Lab (Setagaya) Color Image Sensor with Three-stacked Organic Photoconductive Films
Toshikatsu Sakai, Hokuto Seo, Tomomi Takagi, Misao Kubota, Hiroshi Ohtake (NHK), Mamoru Furuta (Kochi Univ. of Tech.)
This paper describes a color image sensor with three stacked organic photoconductive films and transparent readout circu... [more] IST2016-19
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEE-EDD, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2016-01-28
Toyama Toyama Univ. Plasma treatment for source/drain regions of self-aligned InGaZnO thin-film. -- Effects of substrate bias during the plasma treatment of IGZO. --
Yusaku Magari, Tatsuya Toda, Hisao Makino, Mamoru Furuta (Kochi Univ. of Technol.)
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD 2013-01-25
Shizuoka Shizuoka Univ. Fabrication and properties of Oxide TFT with an IGZO/AlOx stack prepared by non-vacuum process "mist CVD"
Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Takayuki Uchida, Dapeng Wang, Masaru Sanada, Mamoru Furuta (KUT)
Last year, oxide TFT consisting of channel layer (IGZO) (47 nm) and gate insulator (AlOx) (116 nm) was fabricated by mis... [more] IDY2013-8
HI, CE, IEICE-HIP [detail] 2012-11-15
Miyagi Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University The relationship between saccadic distance and the temporal order judgment during voluntary and automatic saccade
Yoshiko Yabe, Hiroaki Shigemasu (KUT)
HI [detail] 2011-12-10
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center [Invited Talk] Estimation of possible color appearance of dichromats measured by color naming with and without functional spectral filters for optical simulation of dichromats
Keizo Shinomori (Kochi Univ. of Tech.), Shigeki Nakauchi (Toyohashi Inst. of Tech.)
 [more] HI2011-89
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-LOIS, IEE-CMN, IEICE-EMM [detail] 2011-09-20
Ehime   Key Exchange method for portable terminal with direct input by user
Sasuke Komatsu, Akihiro Shimizu (Kochi Univ. Tech.)
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-LOIS, IEE-CMN, IEICE-EMM [detail] 2011-09-20
Ehime   Research of digital watermark to QR code
Koichiro Karita, Akihiro Simizu (Kochi Univ. of Tech.)
Kochi Kochi University of Technology Precisely patterned Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin film phosphor fabricated directly on glass substrate -- after thin film fabrication with sputtering, wet etching, annealing --
Dapeng Wang, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Chaoyang Li, Takashi Hirao (Kochi Univ. Tech.)
The development of new and high efficient phosphor has been an important technology for the display industry. In order t... [more] IDY2011-1
Kochi Kochi University of Technology Growth of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Thin Film with Mist Deposition. -- Challenge to low temperature growth under the atmospheric pressure --
Toshiyuki Kawaharamura (Kochi Univ. Tech.), Hiroyuki Orita, Takahiro Shirahata (TMEIC), Takuto Igawa, Hiroshi Ito (Kyoto Univ.), Akio Yoshida (TMEIC), Shizuo Fujita (Kyoto Univ.), Takashi Hirao (Kochi Univ. Tech.)
Magnesium oxide (MgO) thin film is useful as the protective film for plasma display and the antireflective film. Therefo... [more] IDY2011-3
Kochi Kochi University of Technology Deposition of Insulator Film with New Facing Electrodes CVD for Low Temperature Devices
Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Mamoru Furuta, Takahiro Hiramatsu, Hiroshi Furuta, Takashi Hirao (Kochi Univ. of Technol.)
IDY, IEICE-EID 2010-11-26
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Debriefing Session of IMID conference -- TFT technology --
Mamoru Furuta (Kochi Univ. of Tech.)
Topics of thin-film transistors (TFTs) related articles in international conference on information display (IMID) 2010 w... [more] IDY2010-82
IST 2008-12-16
Tokyo Univ. of Tokyo Stacked Organic Image Sensor with Zinc-oxide TFTs as Signal Readout Circuit
Hokuto Seo, Satoshi Aihara, Masakazu Nanba, Toshihisa Watabe, Hiroshi Ohtake, Misao Kubota, Norifumi Egami (NHK), Takahiro Hiramatsu, Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Mamoru Furuta, Takashi Hirao (Kochi Uni. of Technol)
We have studied a single-chip image sensor with stacked structure consisting of transparent readout circuits and organic... [more]
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