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IEICE-MI, IEICE-IE, IEICE-SIP, IEICE-BioX, IST, ME [detail] 2020-05-28
Online Online Effect of Data Allocation between Number of Pixels and Frame Rate for Subjective Quality of Motion Image under a Fixed Data Rate
Yoshitaka Ikeda, Kosuke Nomura, Yuichi Kusakabe (NHK)
In this study, we conducted a subjective evaluation using a stimulus-comparison method (adjectival categorical judgement... [more] IST2020-27 ME2020-78
HI, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS, MMS, ME, AIT [detail] 2020-02-28
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ.
Unpaired Learning for Noise-free, Scale Invariant, and Interpretable Image Enhancement
Satoshi Kosugi, Toshihiko Yamasaki (Univ. of Tokyo)
This paper tackles unpaired image enhancement, a task of learning a mapping function which transforms input images into ... [more]
IEICE-SIS, IPSJ-AVM, 3DIT [detail] 2019-06-13
Nagasaki Fukue Culture Center A Proposal of Improvement Method of Local Color Correction
Seiichi Kojima (Yamaguchi Univ.), Yoshiaki Ueda (Fukuoka Univ.), Noriaki Suetake, Eiji Uchino (Yamaguchi Univ.)
It is difficult to take good pictures, when the scene has both of bright and dark regions. The visibility of the picture... [more]
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC, IEE-EDD [detail] 2018-01-26
Shizuoka Shizuoka Univ., Hamamatsu Picture Level Control Method using Gray-scale Segmentation for Large OLED Displays
Takuya Okada, Takenobu Usui, Yoshihide Fujisaki (NHK STRL)
The management of power consumption and display luminance is an important issue for large displays. Therefore, we propos... [more] IDY2018-14
IEICE-EID, IDY, HI, 3DIT, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2017-10-26
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg Multidimensional analysis of preferred color reproduction in portrait prints
Aki Takayanagi, Yoshitomo Nakamura (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Satoru Kubota (Ergo Design Labo.)
A subjective evaluation experiment was carried out in order to investigate the psychological evaluation structure of ski... [more] IDY2017-40 HI2017-63 3DIT2017-31
IEICE-SDM, IEICE-ICD, IST [detail] 2017-08-01
Hokkaido Hokkaido-Univ. Multimedia Education Bldg. [Invited Talk] High-performance and High-functional CMOS Image Sensor -- Image Sensor Technologies for High Image Quality Cameras --
Hidekazu Takahashi (Canon)
Since a consumer digital single-lens reflex camera using an APS-C size CMOS image sensor was released in 2000, large opt... [more] IST2017-47
BCT, KYUSHU 2017-01-20
Oita Oita Univ. (Oita City) [Special Talk] Video Record, Storing, Distribution and Edit System for Surgical Operation
Eisuke Hanada (Saga Univ.)
By introducing a "video image information system for operation", many of large-scale Japanese hospitals record the situa... [more] BCT2017-20
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEE-EDD, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2016-01-28
Toyama Toyama Univ. Power Reduction of MEMS Shutter Display by Temporal Smoothing of Image Signal
Masato Fujii, Tomokazu Shiga (Univ. of Electro-Communications)
Power reduction method for MEMS shutter display employing the bit plane gray scale expression method has been proposed. ... [more]
IST 2015-05-08
Tokyo   [Poster Presentation] Improving color images of low light scenes using RGB-NIR single image sensor
Hiroki Yamashita, Daisuke Sugimura, Takayuki Hamamoto (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
In low light scene, heavy noise deteriorates the quality of captured color images. In this paper, we propose a method fo... [more] IST2015-28
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEIJ-SSL, IEE-EDD, SID-JC [detail] 2015-01-23
Kyoto Ryukoku University A Study of Adaptive Control Method of Temporal Aperture with OLED Displays
Takenobu Usui, Hiroto Sato, Yoshimichi Takano, Toshihiro Yamamoto, Keiji Ishii (NHK)
Shortening the temporal aperture per frame has been proposed to improve motion image quality on hole-type displays, such... [more] IDY2015-10
IEICE-EID, IDY, HI, 3DIT, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2013-10-28
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Difference in preferred viewing distance by spatial resolution of TV
Masaki Emoto, Masayuki Sugawara (NHK)
Previous studies have suggested that image resolution and contents have little effect on the preferred viewing distance ... [more] IDY2013-49 HI2013-59 3DIT2013-49
IDY, IEICE-EID 2013-07-17
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Report on SID 2013: 3D
Takashi Shibata (Tokyo Univ. of Social Welfare)
This paper summarizes the following sessions related to 3D technology; Session 3: Autostereoscopic and Multi-View I, Ses... [more]
BCT, IEEE-BT 2013-06-05
Tokyo Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Study of 3DTV broadcasting systems, Part 2 -- Subjective evaluation of compressed 3DTV pictures --
Yukihiro Nishida (NHK)
ARIB has studied 3DTV broadcasting systems to indicate the most suitable system that satisfies each set of the requireme... [more] BCT2013-62
BCT, SHIKOKU, IEEE-BT 2012-10-19
Kochi Kochi University of Technology Unpleasantness Degree, Picture Quality and General Preferability of Modificated Shaky Images
Makoto Tadenuma (NHK)
In order to find shaky images before broadcasting them, which probably evoke high unpleasantness of viewers, the author ... [more] BCT2012-96
IDY, 3DIT, HI, IEICE-EID, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2012-10-17
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Correlation between dynamic visual acuity and moving image sharpness evaluation
Masaki Emoto (NHK)
In current assessments of the quality of television images, the observer's static visual acuity (SVA) must be screened b... [more] IDY2012-41 HI2012-67 3DIT2012-51
IST 2012-09-28
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Object Tracking in the Dark and Image Quality Improvement by Image Synthesis
Takashi Komuro, Hayato Kuroda (Saitama Univ.)
We show a method of realizing object tracking and image synthesis in the dark in which both target motion and a referenc... [more] IST2012-44
ME 2012-02-18
Kanagawa Kando Gakuin Univ. Improvement for scalable video coding based on maximization of estimated MOS
Yuya Yamazaki, Toshiyuki Yoshida (Univ. of Fukui)
To obtain highest possible video quality on a band-limited network, the authors have proposed a video coding technique t... [more] ME2012-28
IDY, 3DIT, HI, IEICE-EID, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2011-10-17
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Influence of Display Luminance and Screen Illuminance on Preferred Color Reproduction of LCDs -- Difference between Young and Elderly Subjects --
Kenta Imabayashi, Yuta Kubota, Masanori Takemoto, Satoru Kubota (Seikei Univ.), Tatsuhiko Matsumoto, Shuichi Haga, Nakatsue Takehiro (Sony), Kazuyuki Kishimoto, Tokihiko Shinomiya (Sharp), Youichi Igarashi (Panasonic LCD)
We investigated the influence of display luminance and ambient illuminance on preferred color reproduction of LCDs. Youn... [more] IDY2011-47 HI2011-68 3DIT2011-77
IDY, 3DIT, HI, IEICE-EID, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2011-10-17
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. A Subjective Evaluation Method for Total Image Quality of LCD Televisions
Ayumi Sato, Yuki Misawa, Masanori Takemto, Satoru Kubota (Seikei Univ.), Kazuyuki Kishimoto, Tokihiko Shinomya (Sharp), Youichi Igarashi (Panasonic LCD), Tatsuhiko Matsumoto, Shuichi Haga, Takehiro Nakatsue (Sony)
We proposed a method for evaluating the total image quality of LCD televisions by non-professional observers. Twenty HDT... [more] IDY2011-48 HI2011-69 3DIT2011-78
IST 2011-05-27
Tokyo   [Tutorial Invited Lecture] High-resolution, High-quality CMOS Image Sensor Design
Isao Takayanagi (Aptina)
The image quality of CMOS image sensors has been improved to the point that they can be used in high-end cameras such as... [more] IST2011-32
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