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The Society for Art and Science (AS)  (2014)

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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Simulation of Cloth with Creases using Position Based Dynamics
Sho Kitami, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
 [more] AIT2015-36
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Representation for Soaring up of Spray Cloud by Considering Density Difference of the Air
Naoaki Nishibe, Youngha Chang, Nobuhiko Mukai (TCU)
There are not so many researches that represent the whole behavior of a waterfall from the lip to the basin, especially ... [more] AIT2015-37
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Projection mapping at Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology " Dreaming the Future"
Junko Sugimori (AUT)
The projection mapping presentation titled “Dreaming the future” was designed as the 20th anniversary of the Toyota Comm... [more] AIT2015-38
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   A Projection Mapping of Cultural Heritages, Its Exhibition and Evaluation
Kazushi Mukaiyama, Masayuki Kobayashi (FUN)
Projection Mapping (PJM) is a technique for displaying visuals such as computer graphics onto buildings or walls using p... [more] AIT2015-39
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Manufacture of portable huge globe using paper craft and projection mapping
Tomoya Omae, Atsushi Shiraki (Kisarazu NCT), Hirotaka Nakayama, Takashi Kakue, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Tomoyoshi Ito (Chiba Univ)
By using the technology of paper craft and projection mapping, to fabricate a large globe that can be portable. The 20cm... [more] AIT2015-40
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Multiscopic Viewer with Applications to Selective Spatiotemporal Browsing
Takahiro Sano, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Due to the recent spread of low-cost and high-performance digital cameras and smart phones, an individual can easily pos... [more] AIT2015-41
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   HTML Code Output Tool : The system automatically place the image and output the HTML code.
Kazuki Hagiwara, Tomokazu Ishikawa, Tsukasa Kikuchi, Masanori Kakimoto (TUT)
 [more] AIT2015-42
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Re-Color Scheme for Color Vision Defect Using Luminosity and Color Confusion Line
Shota Nakama, Koji Nishio, Ken-ichi Kobori (OIT)
Color information is an important means for information transmission. In general, color scheme is determined as an ordin... [more] AIT2015-43
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   A Method of retrieving for Volume Data
Shinji Nakatsuka, Koji Nishio, Ken-ichi Kobori (OIT)
Volume data, that can express the inside of the object, is used for an image diagnosis in the medical field and non-dest... [more] AIT2015-44
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Proposal of a font search method using a letter deformation
Ken Ishibashi, Kazunori Miyata (JAIST)
This paper provides an easy font search method for users who have no significant knowledge of font. The proposed font se... [more] AIT2015-45
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Motion Puppetry Taking Skeletal Similarity into Account
Norihide Kaneko, Reo Takahashi, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Motion retargeting is a well-known method to generate character animation in computer graphics, where an o... [more] AIT2015-46
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   When Virtual Reality Meets Television -- Use of a motor Text-To-Vision adapted for the television --
Antoine Jouet, Pierre Gac (Angers Univ.), Masaki Hayashi, Stven Bachelder, Masayuki Nakajima (Uppsala Univ.)
 [more] AIT2015-47
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Generation of collage photos considering of objects
Takaya Nakano, Koji Nishio, Ken-ichi Kobori (OIT)
Photocollage is the one of application software using photo images. Photo collage application have variety functions and... [more] AIT2015-48
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Modern version glasses picture monocular peep three-dimensional system -- that thrive 250 years ago of wisdom --
Koichi Takeuchi (UEC)
 [more] AIT2015-49
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   In Silico
Takuro Yamaki (TPU)
This work is a CG animation that was the birth of life on the theme. [more] AIT2015-50
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Futatabi Yubari
Takamichi Nakano (TPU)
 [more] AIT2015-51
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Circulation
Tomoka Hirakawa (Univ. of Toyama)
This is video work that summarize a result of making an attempt to representation methods about "the rotting book". The ... [more] AIT2015-52
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Generation of Photomosaic with Saliency Map
Shinichirou Shimoeda, Michio Shiraishi, Mikio Shinya (Toho Univ.)
Photomosaic is a technique for representing a single image by arranging small images in a grid. In general, the input im... [more] AIT2015-53
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Proposal of the story simulation using a foreshadowing scrapbook
Sonoko Tobe, Daisuke Kanno, Koji Mikami, Kunio Kondo (TUT)
 [more] AIT2015-54
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Three-Dimensional Object Displaying Multiple Directivity Images
Ryuji Hirayama, Hirotaka Nakayama (Chiba Univ.), Atsushi Shiraki (Kisarazu NCT), Takashi Kakue, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Tomoyoshi Ito (Chiba Univ.)
We developed an algorithm for designing a three-dimensional object which can display multiple two-dimensional images wit... [more] AIT2015-55
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