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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
IEICE-MRIS, MMS 2019-06-14
Miyagi Tohoku Univ. [Invited Talk] Attempt of application to memory or display devices in BiFeO3-based multiferroic films -- Fabrication of high-qualified films, material research, and functional verification --
Satoru Yoshimura, Munusamy Kuppan (Akita Univ.)
Multiferroic materials with magneto-electric effect such as Bi-based ferrite, which simultaneously exhibit spontaneous p... [more] MMS2019-50
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS, MMS, HI, AIT [detail] 2019-02-19
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Trial Analysis of Driving Behavior on Expressway using Semi-Automated Vehicle
Koki Hioki, Masahiro Tada (Kindai Univ.), Toru Hagiwara (Hokkaido Univ.), Hidekatsu Hamaoka (Akita Univ.), Yoshiki Ninomiya (Nagoya Univ.)
This study aims to investigate how semi-automated driving system affects elderlies and non-elderlies driving behavior fr... [more] MMS2019-16 HI2019-16 ME2019-38 AIT2019-16
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC, IEE-EDD [detail] 2019-01-25
Kagoshima   [Poster Presentation] Homogeneously and Homeotropically Aligned Liquid crystal Cells without Threshold Voltage
Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC, IEE-EDD [detail] 2019-01-25
Kagoshima   Improvement of Polymer Stabilized Reverse Mode Liquid Crystal Cell by Nonuniform UV Irradiation
Takuya Uchibori, Ryosuke Sasaki, Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2018-03-16
Tokyo Tokyo University of Technology Trial and consideration of making a aerial photography system using a toy drone -- - - --
Adiljan Yimit, Iigura Kouji (AUA)
Drones weighing less than 200g are classified as model aircrafts and are not subject to the "Japan's safety rules on Unm... [more] AIT2018-98
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEE-EDD, IEIJ-SSL, SID-JC [detail] 2017-01-27
Tokushima Tokushima Univ. Effect of UV Absorption Sectrum of Liquid Crystal on Polymerization Condition in Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal
Rumiko Yamaguchi, Koichi Inoue (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEE-EDD, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2016-01-29
Toyama Toyama Univ. Negative type liquid crystal alignment on rubbed side chain polymers.
Naganuma Youta, Kodate Akira, Kudou Kyousuke, Yamaguchi Rumiko (Akita Univ.)
Alignment direction of liquid crystals (LCs) on a rubbed polymer surface is related to a slow axis of polymer surface. S... [more]
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEIJ-SSL, IEE-EDD, SID-JC [detail] 2015-01-23
Kyoto Ryukoku University Alignment property of rubbed poly (4-vinylpyridine) film using liquid crystal mixtures
Akira Kodate, Syouta Ide, Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-EID, IDY, IEIJ-SSL, IEE-EDD, SID-JC [detail] 2014-01-25
Niigata Niigata University Daylight control window using hybrid mode liquid crystal
Tomoya Takasu, Sakurai Sintarou, Yamaguchi Rumiko (Akita Univ)
IDY, IEICE-EID, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2013-11-12
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Report on EuroDisplay 2013 -- Liquid crystal technologies --
Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
MMS, IEICE-MRIS 2013-06-21
Miyagi Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University Composition distribution and magnetic properties of L10 FePtRh patterned film fabricated by flat-patterning method
Takashi Hasegawa, Shunji Ishio (Akita Univ.)
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD 2013-01-25
Shizuoka Shizuoka Univ. Three-dimensional microscope by using a liquid crystal lens
Shunsuke Ishikuro, Marenori Kawamura, Eiji Yumoto, Satoshi Oikawa (Akita Univ)
 [more] IDY2013-10
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD 2013-01-25
Shizuoka Shizuoka Univ. Dependence of cell gap in reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Shintaro Sakurai, Rumiko Yamaguti (Akita Univ), Kamoto Ritu (Micro Analsys)
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD 2013-01-25
Shizuoka Shizuoka Univ. Numerical Analysis of Area Coverage Modulation in Multi-domain Aligned Liquid Crystal Device
Kyohei Tokuta, Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
BCT, IPSJ-AVM, IEICE-CS, IEICE-IE [detail] 2012-12-06
Fukui Fukuisi-chiiki-kouryu-plaza Performance of Parallel Control Circuit for Benes Networks with Optimized VHDL Description
Hiedya Ichimura, Yousuke Kato, Hitoshi Obara (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-MRIS, MMS 2012-10-18
Akita AIT Development of local magnetic-optical Kerr effect measurement technology with laser heating mechanism.
Yuuki Nakamura (Akita Univ.), Yuji Kondo, Kiyoshi Yamakawa, Jun Ariake (AIT), Shunji Ishio (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-MRIS, MMS 2012-10-19
Akita AIT Atomic diffusion length on L10 FePtRh ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic pattern fabricated by flat-patterning method
Takashi Hasegawa, Shunji Ishio (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-MRIS, MMS 2012-10-19
Akita AIT AC magnetic field imaging for current perpendicular magnetic writing head by frequency-modulated magnetic force microscopy (FM-MFM) -- Suppression of image distortion by using cone shaped FePt-based high-coercivity MFM tips --
Satoru Yoshimura, Shinya Yasui, Genta Egawa, Yukinori Kinoshita, Hitoshi Saito (Akita Univ.)
IDY, IEICE-EID 2012-07-12
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Report on Novel Display Technology in 2012 SID
Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita Univ.)
IEICE-EMCJ, BCT 2012-03-16
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. A Study on Phase Comparator Sesitivity for Low Phase-Noise PLL
Hideyasu Hobara, Yoshiki Kayano, Hiroshi Inoue (Akita Univ.)
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