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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS, MMS, HI, AIT [detail] 2019-02-19
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Trial Analysis of Driving Behavior on Expressway using Semi-Automated Vehicle
Koki Hioki, Masahiro Tada (Kindai Univ.), Toru Hagiwara (Hokkaido Univ.), Hidekatsu Hamaoka (Akita Univ.), Yoshiki Ninomiya (Nagoya Univ.)
This study aims to investigate how semi-automated driving system affects elderlies and non-elderlies driving behavior fr... [more] MMS2019-16 HI2019-16 ME2019-38 AIT2019-16
HI, VRPSY 2018-12-15
Fukuoka Kokura Campus, Univ. Kitakyushu Analysis of behaviors of participants in meetings for decision making (Third report)
Eiji Watanabe (Konan Univ.), Takashi Ozeki (Fukuyama Univ.), Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.)
In this report, we discuss (i) the modeling of the interaction between behaviors of participants, (ii) the modeling of t... [more] HI2018-71
IST 2018-06-27
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. Sci.-Morito-Kinenkan A Silicon image sensor of the frame interval of 10 ns captured Flying Light
Naoki Hayashi, Yo Mitsui, Akihiko Iguchi (ASTRO), Yasuhide Takano, Tomoo Okinaka, Kohsei Takehara (Kindai Univ.), Takeharu Etoh (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
An image sensor with the BSI MCG (Backside-illuminated Multi-collection-gate) structure achieved consecutive images of 1... [more] IST2018-41
IST 2018-03-09
Tokyo NHK Housou-Gijyutu Lab. The ultimate high-speed image sensor: from 10 ns to 50 ps
Takeharu Goji Etoh (Ritsmeikan Univ., Kindai Univ.), Kazuhiro Shimonimura (Ritsmeikan Univ.), Kohsei Takehara (Kindai Univ.), Hideo Inumaru (CLEF), Naoki Hayashi, Yo Mitsui, Akihiko Iguchi, Tsutomu Mihara (Astrodesign)
 [more] IST2018-13
HI 2018-03-07
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology The effects of aging on drift eye movements
Shohei Ohtani (Kindai Univ.), Hiroyuki Sakai (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc), Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.)
In this study, we analyzed the fluctuation properties of fixation eye movements to evaluate the influence of aging on th... [more] HI2018-45
HI 2018-03-07
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology An effect of ocular microtremor on vernier acuity based on retinal neuron circuit model considering sampling properties of photoreceptors
Kensuke Kubo, Takeshi Kohama, Hisashi Yoshida (Kindai Univ.)
 [more] HI2018-46
HI 2018-03-07
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology A scan-path simulation model based on a probabilistic saliency map with receptive field properties of early visul system
Tomoya Okazaki, Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.)
The distribution of gaze position while observing natural images has attracted attention as an evaluation index for the ... [more] HI2018-47
SIP, ME 2017-11-26
Kagoshima NIFS A Trial Development of Real-time Safety Advice System on Driving Simulator Using Vision-Based Head Pose Estimation
Hikaru Kosakada (Kindai Univ./ATR), Masahiro Tada (Kindai Univ.), Akira Utsumi (ATR)
 [more] ME2017-113
ME, AIT, IEICE-IE [detail] 2017-10-06
Nagasaki   Analysis of hand-written notes by students in lectures and self-studies
Eiji Watanabe (Konan Univ.), Takashi Ozeki (Fukuyama Univ.), Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.)
In lectures and self-studies, we discuss analysis methods and results for the followings; (i) the relationship between g... [more]
HI 2017-03-08
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology An analysis of steering accuracy and eye movement properties under language fluent tasks
Yuma Nakai, Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.), Shinichi Ueda, Kohta Matsuda, Aya Kadono (Tokai Rika), Hisashi Yoshida (Kindai Univ.)
 [more] HI2017-55
HI 2017-03-08
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology A saliency estimation model for egocentric motion patterns considering receptive field properties of early visual system and higher order motion detection mechanisms
Mitsuhiro Kodama, Takeshi Kohama (Kindai Univ.)
The purpose of this study is to construct a mathematical model which predicts saliency regions in high-speed egocentric-... [more] HI2017-56
HI 2017-03-08
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Hemodynamic response measurment of visual cortex based on general linear model analysis for event-related fNIRS signals
Ryota Okamoto, Aoi Kobayashi, Takeshi Kohama, Hisashi Yoshida (Kindai Univ.)
In recent years, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) measurement technique that can measure brain function unc... [more] HI2017-59
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-EMM, IEICE-LOIS, IEE-CMN [detail] 2016-09-16
Aichi Aichi Prefectural University An audio watermarking method using non-negative matrix factorization separated the bases of host signal and watermark signal
Harumi Murata (Chukyo Univ.), Akio Ogihara (Kindai Univ.)
IEICE-BioX, ME, IST [detail] 2015-06-29
Tokyo Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus A pico-second burst imaging camera
T. Goji Etoh (Ritsmeikan Univ.), Hiroyuki Shiraga (Osaka Univ.)
 [more] IST2015-35 ME2015-70
ME, AIT 2015-05-29
Kyoto Ryukoku Univ. Kyoro Hall A Development of Real-time Safety Advice System Using Wearable Sensor On Driving Simulator
Hikaru Kosakada (Kindai Univ.), Kouki Higuchi (Kindai Univ./ATR), Akira Utsumi (ATR), Masahiro Tada (Kindai Univ./ATR)
 [more] ME2015-69 AIT2015-96
ME, AIT 2015-05-29
Kyoto Ryukoku Univ. Kyoro Hall A Trial Analysis of Elderly Drivers'Characteristic Behaveor Using Wearable Sensors
Yuhei Kawaguchi (Kindai Univ.), Masahiro Tada (Kinda Univ.), Kazumi Renge (Tezukayama Univ.)
In this paper, to know the cause of increasing elderly drivers' accident, we performed an experiment with 47 elderlies u... [more] ME2015-70 AIT2015-97
 Results 1 - 16 of 16  /   
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