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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
BCT, IEEE-BT 2021-03-12
  Online Study on a basic implementation of real-time composition with shot images toward broadcast-use virtual reality movies
Daiichi Koide, Yasutaka Maeda, Kensuke Hisatomi (NHK)
Basic implementation of real-time composition with multiple shot images was studied for producing broadcast-use virtual ... [more] BCT2021-26
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2021-03-08
Online Online Proposal of key input method in VR space using hand tracking
Koya Abe, Hisashi Sato (Kanagawa Institute Of Tech)
Head-mounted displays are becoming cheaper and various functions are being integrated. Among them, a function called han... [more] AIT2021-29
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2021-03-08
Online Online Rotoscope 360 ver.2 ed. VRC -- A study of new reality with VR rotoscoped animation --
Suzuka Tomiishi, Ryu Nakagawa (Nagoya City Univ)
This art experience is a 360-degree video experience on the theme of “viewpoint” and “seeing” . This work is an update ... [more] AIT2021-43
IIEEJ, AIT 2020-09-17
Online   An AR Support System for Practicing Circuit Driving In Auto Racing
Kazuma Ohara, Keito Tanizaki (Tokyo Denki Univ.), Tokiichiro Takahashi (Tokyo Denki Univ./ASTRODESIGN)
We have already developed an AR support system that allows users to practice racing line and braking position while driv... [more] AIT2020-164
HI, 3DIT 2020-03-11
Tokyo Kogakuin Univ. Tokyo Urban Tech Tower Campus
Effect of presenting own body on VR sickness
Naoki Miura (SIT/AIST), Hiroyasu Ujike (AIST/SIT), Michiko Ohkura, Masaomi Kimura (SIT/AIST)
This Study investigated the effect of presenting own body on VR sickness. In the experiment, we presented VR movie throu... [more] HI2020-55 3DIT2020-6
ME 2018-02-24
Kanagawa Kanto Gakuin Univ. Road Bike Accident Simulator Using HMD and Sensor Technologies
Yutaro Hosoda, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.)
We developed a road bike simulator with which bicyclists virtually experience traffic accidents. In this system, the use... [more] ME2018-45
3DIT, IDY, IST [detail] 2017-11-30
Kanagawa   [Invited Talk] VR research and applicationof CHUKYO TV
Tetsuya Kawamoto (CTV)
CHUKYO TV. BROADCASTING has been doing various efforts applying three-dimensional video and virtual reality technology 2... [more] IST2017-70 IDY2017-49 3DIT2017-40
IIEEJ, AIT 2017-09-01
Yamanashi Yamanashi Univ. Support for Color Vision Deficiency using Optical See-Through HMD
Shun Mizukoshi, Masahiro Toyoura, Xiaoyang Mao, Kenji Kashiwagi (Univ. of Yamanashi)
250 million people in the world are suffering from Color Vision Deficiency(CVD). CVD causes troubles for job selection a... [more] AIT2017-154
ME, IEICE-IE, IPSJ-AVM [detail] 2017-08-03
Tokyo NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories [Invited Talk] True AR with Optical See-Through Head Mounted Displays -- Towards Vision Augmentation --
Yuta Itoh (Keio Univ.)
In this invited talk, I will cover recent research trends on Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays (OST-HMD) and int... [more]
IDY, IEICE-EID, SID-JC [detail] 2016-08-02
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. [Invited Lecture] Eyeglasses-Type Wearable Device using Multi-Mirror Array
Tomoya Tsuruyama, Shinichi Uehara, Masahiro Baba (Toshiba)
We developed an easy-to-wear eyeglasses-type wearable device using a Multi-Mirror Array (MMA) that reflects the image, t... [more] IDY2016-35
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2016-03-09
Tokyo Tokyo Polytechnic Univ. Development of Live Karaoke System using HMD and Kinect
Masaharu Mori, Tomoaki Moriya (TDU), Tokiichiro Takahashi (TDU/UEI Research)
We have developed a live karaoke system that allows its user (singer) to enjoy a musical live experience by using a HMD ... [more] AIT2016-102
ME 2016-02-20
Kanagawa Kanto Gakuin Univ. Simulation system of Buddhist Ceremonial Procession using VR Technologies
Keisuke Sumida, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.)
A Buddhist ceremonial procession called Nerikuyo is difficult to accurately record and transmit because visible things c... [more] ME2016-17
Tokyo Sanjo Conference Hall A Trial Evaluation of HMD Quality by Sense of Equilibrium
Soma Kawamura, Ryugo Kijima (Gifu Univ.)
Evaluation of visual presentation quality of HMD has been done on the based on the virtual sickness and task performance... [more]
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   A Tai-Chi Chuan CG Material Using User's Posture
Takahiro Iwaanaguchi, Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi (Toho Univ.)
Tai Chi Chuan is a popular Chinese martial art, practiced all over the world. Its performance consists of complicated mo... [more] AIT2015-63
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Oculus Earth: A VR Application Utilizing Google Earth and HMD
Sho Manabe, Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi (Toho Univ.)
Recently, geographic data, such as panoramic street photos and terrain/building CG models, have been freely distributed ... [more] AIT2015-89
3DIT, IDY 2014-06-19
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. Observation with stereoscopic HMD of the entire shape reconstructed by using a depth sensor
Masaki Mori, Kohe Tokoi (Wakayama Univ.)
This paper describes a method to reconstruct in real-time the entire shape of the object by fusing the depth map obtaine... [more] IDY2014-26 3DIT2014-31
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2014-03-17
Tokyo   Tai Chi Chuan CG video material for Smart Phones and Tablet PCs
Satoshi Nakajima, Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi, Katsuragawa Hidetsufu (Toho Univ.), Motonobu Kawashima, kunio Kondo (TUT)
Performance of Tai Chi Chuan consists of complicated movements and most beginners learn the movements from video materia... [more] AIT2014-68
3DIT 2009-03-18
Tokyo Tokyo Institute of Technology Study of Lens accommodation in response to 3D images on a HMD
Masako Omori (Kobe Women's Univ.), Satoshi Hasegawa (Nagoya Bunnri Univ.), Tomoyuki Watanabe (Aichi Gakuin Univ.), Hiroki Takada (Gifu University of Medical Science), Masaru Miyao (Nagoya Univ.), Tetsuya Ichikawa (OVC)
Stereoscopic head mounted display (HMD) are now widely spread for ubiquitous virtual reality in the world. But visual fu... [more] 3DIT2009-13
3DIT 2009-03-18
Tokyo Tokyo Institute of Technology Stabilometry and head acceleration as a method to evaluate motion sickness induced by 3-D movie on HMD
Kazuhiro Fujikake (ISL), Masaru Miyao (Nagoya Univ.), Takada (Gifu University of Medical Science), Masako Omori (Kobe Women's Univ.), Satoshi Hasegawa (Nagoya Bunnri Univ.), Tomoyuki Watanabe (Aichi Gakuin Univ.), Tetsuya Ichikawa (OVC)
Motion sickness caused by watching 3D movies has been measured by psychological and physiological methods. The simulator... [more] 3DIT2009-14
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