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IEICE-MVE, HI, VRSJ, HI-SIG-DeMO, IPSJ-HCI, IPSJ-EC [detail] 2023-06-01
Tokyo Univ. of Tokyo
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
[Short Paper] Information indication method from around the windshield for driving support -- Analysis of the peripheral vision responsivity according to age --
Hideaki Takahira (Nagoya Univ.), Takatsugu Hirayama (Nagoya Univ./), Hiroshi Murase (Nagoya Univ.), Yusuke Ikeda (AGC)
(To be available after the conference date) [more]
IDY, SID-JC 2023-03-17
Online online [Invited Talk] Development of Phosphor film for Ultra-thin High-brightness LCDs
Takehiro Yamasuge, Yasushi Ito, Tomomitsu Hori (Dexerials)
In recent years, mini-LEDs and local dimming have been used in direct-type backlight units (BLUs) in LCDs to realize thi... [more] IDY2023-22
IDY, SID-JC 2023-03-17
Online online [Invited Talk] Development of transparent photoluminescence materials and their application to LEDs, security and sensing -- Novel Eu(III) complexes and their photoluminescence properties --
Hiroki Iwanaga (Toshiba)
Now, red phosphors with large photoluminescence intensity and high color purity are required for display use. And red tr... [more] IDY2023-24
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2023-03-06
Tokyo Tokyo Polytechnic Univ. (Nakano)
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
A Study on Character Input Interface Using Eye Blink Based on Face Landmark Detection for Severely Physically Disabled Persons
Haruki Onuma, Kizuki Morohashi, Junichi Sugita (Tokyo Healthcare Univ.)
Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) have limited mobility in the terminal stages of the disease. Therefore... [more] AIT2023-119
IDY, IEIJ-SSL, IEICE-EID, SID-JC, IEE-EDD [detail] 2023-01-27
Online   Improvement of Photoluminescent Characteristics by Post Annealing in O3 atmosphere for Y4Si2O7N2:Eu3+ Red Phosphors
Rentaro Furuie, Hiroki Shinoda (TU), Takashi Kunimoto (Tokushima Bunri), Koutoku Ohmi (TU)
A low-temperature post-annealing in O3 atmosphere has been attempted to enhance the Eu3+ activation for Y4Si2O7N2:Eu3+ r... [more] IDY2023-9
IST 2022-12-12
Shizuoka Sanaru Hall Pseudo-direct ToF imaging using a multi-tap macro-pixel CMOS image sensor with oversampled reconstruction
Pham Ngoc Anh, Thoriq Ibrahim, Keita Yasutomi, Shoji Kawahito (Shizuoka Univ.), Hajime Nagahara (Osaka Univ.), Keiichiro Kagawa (Shizuoka Univ.)
A pseudo-dToF imaging method using an iToF image sensor composed of multi-tap macro-pixels in combination with compressi... [more] IST2022-48
3DMT 2022-10-17
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Numerical verification of light-field wavefront conversion technique using zone plates with amplitude modulation
Toshihiro Uruma, Takayuki Koyama, Yasuhiro Takaki (TUAT)
We previously proposed a method of reconstruction blur-less three-dimensional (3D) image by light-field wavefront conver... [more] 3DMT2022-43
3DMT 2022-10-18
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Effect of Display Background Visibility on Subjective Super-Resolution Display with Dynamic Guide Frame in Aerial Display.
Shoya Kawaguchi, Kojiro Matsushita (Utsunomiya Univ.), Akinori Tsuji (Tokushima Univ.), Toyotaro Tokimoto (XAiX,LLC), Masaki Yasugi, Shiro Suyama, Hirotsugu Yamamoto (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In subjective super-resolution display, in which the observer perceives a resolution higher than the actual physical res... [more] 3DMT2022-53
IDY, IEICE-EID, SID-JC [detail] 2022-07-29
Online Online [Invited Talk] Advanced Hybrid Process with Back Contact IGZO-TFT
Masatomo Honjo, Yujiro Takeda, Mehadi Aman, Kazuatsu Ito, Kohei Tanaka, Hiroshi Matsukizono, Wataru Nakamura (SDTC)
We propose the new structure of hybrid backplane technology with IGZO-TFT and LTPS. In this structure, IGZO is directly ... [more] IDY2022-29
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2022-03-08
Online Online Representation of VR Kowloon Walled City using the database in the mirror world era
Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa (Nagoya City Univ.)
Digital twin objects using photogrammetry are beginning to intervene as a new reality in contemporary society, where dat... [more] AIT2022-119
IDY, SID-JC 2022-03-04
Online online [Invited Talk] Eu-doped GaN-based red LEDs as a key technology for micro-LED displays with ultrahigh resolution
Yasufumi Fujiwara, Shuhei Ichikawa, Dolf Timmerman, Jun Tatebayashi (Osaka Univ.)
A novel red LED using Eu-doped GaN is a promising component for next-generation display with ultrasmall-size, full-color... [more] IDY2022-21
AIT, ME, MMS, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS [detail] 2022-02-21
Online online A Note on Automatic Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori Infection Based on Self-Supervised Learning and Self-Knowledge Distillation
Guang Li, Ren Togo (Hokkaido Univ.), Katsuhiro Mabe (Junpukai Health Maintenance Center), Shunpei Nishida (Olympus), Yoshihiro Tomoda (Olympus Medical Systems), Takahiro Ogawa, Miki Haseyama (Hokkaido Univ.)
This paper proposes a novel method for automatic diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection based on self-su... [more] MMS2022-9 ME2022-34 AIT2022-9
AIT, ME, MMS, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS [detail] 2022-02-21
Online online A Note on Visual Sentiment Prediction Based on Few-shot Learning using Knowledge Distillation
Yingrui Ye, Yuya Moroto, Keisuke Maeda, Takahiro Ogawa, Miki Haseyama (Hokkaido Univ.)
The prediction of visual sentiment can be useful to understand users' behaviors. Emotion theories underlying the sentime... [more] MMS2022-24 ME2022-49 AIT2022-24
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2022-01-28
Online   Fabrication of inverted OLED devices using cellulose nanopaper
Masaya Wada (TUS), Taku Oono (NHK STRL), Takaaki Kasuga (SANKEN), Masashi Miyakawa, Satoru Ohisa, Hirohiko Fukagawa (NHK STRL), Masaya Nogi (SANKEN), Hirokazu Furue (TUS), Takahisa Shimizu (NHK STRL)
It is very important for device research to use environment-friendly materials to realize sustainable development goals.... [more] IDY2022-9
IDY, IEICE-EID, IEE-EDD, SID-JC, IEIJ-SSL [detail] 2022-01-28
Online   Optimal design for OLED light extraction from the viewpoint of electromagnetic field theory
Yoshinari Ishido (AIST)
The author and others recently showed in a discussion based on the electromagnetic field theory that the light extractio... [more]
BCT, IEEE-BT 2021-09-03
Online Online Bidirectional transmission experiment of video signal and QR code using a speech prompter
Yuto Kasuya, Tatuhiko Ikemoto, Mikio Maeda (Kogakuin Univ.)
We are researching a system to transmit live images and information such as photographing instructions in both direction... [more] BCT2021-36
IDY, IEICE-EID, SID-JC [detail] 2021-07-30
Online Online [Invited Lecture] Design and Process of 2D-Backlight beyond HDR 5000nits
Hajime Akimoto, Atsushi Yamamoto, Hajime Washio, Taketoshi Nakano (Nichia)
HDR 2D backlight designs and some process for each of automotive/monitor, n ote book PC mobile device, and future Realit... [more] IDY2021-17
IDY, IEICE-EID, SID-JC [detail] 2021-07-30
Online Online [Invited Lecture] Multiscale Charge Transport Simulation and in Silico Material Design for Highly-Efficient OLEDs
Hironori Kaji (Kyoto Univ.)
Recently, remarkable progress has been made in the field of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Here, we show our rec... [more] IDY2021-18
IST, ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-SIP, IEICE-BioX [detail] 2021-06-04
Online Online Acceleration of Dictionary Learning by Non-Separable Oversampled Lapped Transform for Image Restoration
Soushi Takahashi, Shogo Muramatsu (Niigata Univ.)
This study proposes to accelerate example-based design of non-separable oversampled lapped transform (NSOLT) for image r... [more] IST2021-27 ME2021-58
ENT 2020-09-12
Online Online A Study on the Method of Reducing Food Loss in Japanese Food Service Industry
Aiha Shinohara, Kyoko Shirai, Mariko Kobayashi, Nao Ikematsu, Rikuto Minemura, Syu Tohgou (Hosei Univ.)
The purpose of this study is to examine the method of reducing food loss in food service industry, which has the highest... [more] ENT2020-12
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