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Technical Group on Three-Dimensional Image Technology (3DIT)  (2009)

Chair: Shiro Suyama (Utsunomiya Univ.) Vice Chair: Hideki Kakeya (Tsukuba Univ.)
Secretary: Shinichi Uehara (AGC), Hiroyasu Ujike (AIST), Tomohiro Endo (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.), Takafumi Koike (Hosei Univ.), Yasuhiro Takaki (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology), Hideaki Takada (Nagasaki Univ.), Toshiaki Fujii (Nagoya Univ.), Tomoyuki Mishina (NHK), Kenji Yamamoto (Tokushima Univ.)

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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. A Visualization of Visibility for Objects Influenced by Contrast
Syoichi Yamada, Mitsuniru makino (Chuo Univ)
 [more] HI2010-74 3DIT2010-26
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Influence on depth perception by 3-D camera interval and interpupillary distance.
Nobutaka Natsui (Waseda Univ.), Kazuo Isikawa (Tokyo Polytecnic Univ.), Toyohiko Hatada (toc.)
When we observe it using stereoscopic display such as HMD, we feel an unnatural three-dimensional impression and may say... [more] HI2010-75 3DIT2010-27
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Examination of Subject's Preference for Depth Presentation Position of Stereoscopic Vision
Hideaki Kobayashi (Sokendai), Kikuo Asai (Open Univ)
 [more] HI2010-76 3DIT2010-28
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. A study of Real-image-projector by using the Transmissive-retro-reflectors
Hirokazu Hashikawa (Pioneer Co.)
We made the optical device was composed of a pair aggregates of the rectangular micro mirrors. The projected real image ... [more] HI2010-77 3DIT2010-29
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Applications by using the Transmissive-retro-reflectors
Hirokazu Hashikawa (Pioneer Co.)
We made the 3D real image with the depth information as same as that of the object by using a pair of the transmissive-r... [more] HI2010-78 3DIT2010-30
3DIT, HI 2010-03-02
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Calculation Methods of Interference Fringes for Fresnel CGHs used two-dimensional image data
Kenji Kinoshita (Toyama National College of Tech.)
 [more] HI2010-79 3DIT2010-31
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Factors affecting perceived smoothness of motion parallax with discrete presentation -- Discussions on SOA, parallax, overlaps of presented images --
Hiroyasu Ujike (AIST/JENC)
 [more] HI2010-80 3DIT2010-32
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Study on Jerkiness of Moving Images Produced by High-Density Directional Display (II) -- Characteristics Under Dynamic Viewing Condition --
Kentaro Kozako, Yasuhiro Takaki (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.)
When a frame rate decreases or a image movement velocity increases, a jerky movement called “jerkiness” is perceived. A ... [more] HI2010-81 3DIT2010-33
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Lobe-shape Analysis of Multiview-type 3D Display Based on Luminance Profiles
Masashi Tsuboi, Tsutomu Horikoshi (NTT DOCOMO)
We propose a method to analyze a shape of lobes of multi-view type 3D display based on the luminance distribution from t... [more] HI2010-82 3DIT2010-34
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. [Invited Talk] Spatial recognition in immersive virtual environment -- From Vection to Image Safety --
Hiroshi Watanabe (AIST)
 [more] HI2010-83 3DIT2010-35
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Measurements of accommodation and vergence while viewing a visual target at real distances and simulated distances on a stereoscopic display
Haruki Mizushina, Ippei Negishi (ATR), Hiroshi Ando (NICT), Takanori Kochiyama, Shinobu Masaki (ATR)
The conflict between accommodation and vergence is one of the possible causes of visual fatigue while viewing stereoscop... [more] HI2010-84 3DIT2010-36
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Relationship between accommodation response and observation distance in super multi-view 3D display
Naoki Asaba, Yasuhiro Takaki (TUAT)
 [more] HI2010-85 3DIT2010-37
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. [Invited Talk] Standardization of 3D displays based on ergonomic requirements
Shin-ichi Uehara (JENC/NEC LCD)
 [more] HI2010-86 3DIT2010-38
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Fast calculation of computer-generated-hologram using AMD GPU and OpenCL
Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Tomoyoshi Ito, Nobuyuki Masuda, Yasuyuki Ichihashi (Chiba Univ), Naoki Takada (Shohoku Univ)
 [more] HI2010-87 3DIT2010-39
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Disparity Estimation Using Hierarchical Belief Propagation
Kensuke Ikeya, Kensuke Hisatomi, Miwa Katayama, Yuichi Iwadate (NHK)
In this paper, we propose a disparity estimation method using hierarchical belief propagation (BP) and Zero-mean Normali... [more] HI2010-88 3DIT2010-40
3DIT, HI 2010-03-03
Tokyo Tokyo Univ. of Tech. Fundamental Experiments of a High-Speed Varifocal Lens with PLZT -- Towards the Light Field Display Using a High-Speed Field-Sequential Method(the Second Report) --
Kazuaki Yamamoto (Univ. of Tokyo), Takafumi Koike (Hitachi), Kunihiro Nagata (Piezo-ceram Technology), Mizue Ebisawa (TIRI), Takashi Aizawa (Furuuchi Chemical), Yasushi Onishi (Optceramics), Takeshi Naemura (Univ. of Tokyo)
PLZT attracts many researchers as a promising material for optical devices because of its useful characteristics: it cha... [more] HI2010-89 3DIT2010-41
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