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INFORMATION: The participants to the ITE workshop(s) don't have to pay the registration fee. The following description is only for the IEICE technical workshop(s) jointly held with the ITE.

Workshop/Conference: Image Engineering (IEICE-IE) / Media Engineering (ME) / Audio Visual and Multimedia Information Processing (IPSJ-AVM)
Date: Tue, Jul 17, 2018

This workshop/conference (or a part of it) is held as the workshop in fully electronic publishing. The registration fee for this workshop is shown below. For joint workshops, participants must pay one of registration fees; thus a registration fee of your applying workshop (if authors), or a registration fee of a workshop that you will join with main purpose. The registration fee does not include the cost of accommodation and meals.

Workshop Participants (excluding speakers) Speakers (1 person per presentation)
Regular Student Regular Student
with D/L license no D/L license with D/L license no D/L license
PAPER 従来の開催
The workshop(s) will be held as usual.
ITE: Free of charge.
IPSJ: See the ISPJ web page.
Registration fee or annual registration fee is required.N/AMember: Free up to 3 committees. Additional D/L license will be available for purchase, only for student members (JPY 500 by cash at registration desk)
Non-member: Registration fee or annual registration fee is required.
Free (No fee to participate)Registration fee or annual registration fee is required.
Note: Please make payment by the manuscript deadline.
Free (No fee to participate)
Note: For speakers who need D/L license, follow the same manner with participants.
  1. The download (D/L) license holders can download online proceedings (technical reports) from the publishing date (1-week before the workshop date).
  2. For getting a student free download license of annual registration fee of workshops sponsored by up to 3 technical committees, please access the user's account page.
  3. The e-mail address authentication provides a download license if two e-mail addresses are the same; one of registered e-mail addresses of presentation and the registered e-mail address of the user address of the technical report online system. (only for IEICE-CS/ES/ESS/NLS)
  4. If you are a member or a student member of at least one of agreed institutes of IEEJ, IEIJ, IEICE, ITE and IPSJ, you are treated as regular member or student member.

For your payment of registration fee / annual registration fee (yearly registration fee), please click the corresponding link below.

Registration Fee

DescriptionPrice (Online)Price (On-Site by Cash)
Regular (Member)JPY 1620JPY 2000
Regular (Non-member)JPY 2700JPY 3000
Student (Non-member)JPY 540JPY 1000
Student (w/o proceedings)JPY 0JPY 0
Note: The prices with TAX included.

Annual Registration Fee (Yearly Registration Fee)

DescriptionPrice (Online)
Note: The prices with TAX included.

List of the Registration Fee / the Annual Registration Fee (Yearly Registration Fee)


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