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Chair Kazuhito Murakami (Aichi Prefectural Univ.)
Vice Chair Miki Haseyama (Hokkaido Univ.)
Secretary Mie Sato

Conference Date Sat, Feb 20, 2016 10:10 - 16:50
Conference Place  
Notes on Review This article is a technical report without peer review, and its polished version will be published elsewhere.

  10:10-10:20 ( 10 min. )
  10:20-10:25 ( 5 min. )
Sat, Feb 20 AM 
10:30 - 12:00
(1) 10:30-10:45 Radiometric Compensation with a Projector-Camera System for Independent Camera Viewpoints Takamitsu Goto, Koki Kosaka (UEC), Keisuke Nonaka, Sei Naito (KDDI R&D Labs.), Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(2) 10:45-11:00 Accurate radiometric compensation taking account of pixel correspondence Mitsuhiko Kitano, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(3) 11:00-11:15 Automatic extraction of nares and wings of the nose for computerized facial caricature system Yuki Sakamoto, Tomoaki Nakamura, Masahide Kaneko (UEC)
(4) 11:15-11:30 Analysis of Interaction between Concepts and Language in Concept Learning Based on Multimodal LDA Miyuki Funada, Tomoaki Nakamura, Takayuki Nagai, Masahide Kaneko (UEC)
(5) 11:30-11:45 Tempo control for automatic accompaniment while player rests in musical score Ami Nagano, Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College), Eita Nakamura (Kyoto Univ.), Shigeki Sagayama (Meiji Univ.)
(6) 11:45-12:00 Detect of boundary between water and oil using Ultrasonic probe Youjirou Daimon, Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College)
Sat, Feb 20 AM 
10:30 - 12:00
(7) 10:30-10:45 Individualization of head related transfer function in 3-dimensional sound image control Tomoki Kusano, Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College)
(8) 10:45-11:00 Automatic creation of score in vertical line notation including piano fingering from SMF Riku Sato (NIT,Kisarazu College), Eita Nakamura (Kyoto Univ.), Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College), Suguru Agata, Yuu Igarashi (Showa Univ. of Music), Shigeki Sagayama (Meiji Univ.)
(9) 11:00-11:15 A music difficulty adjustment system by SMF analysis Honoka Fujii, Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College)
(10) 11:15-11:30 An Examination of Operation Methods in a 3D Modeling System with Bare Hands Hidemitsu Watanabe, Misae Yagi, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ)
(11) 11:30-11:45 An Examination of Information Search with a See-through Head Mount Display Yoshiharu Ura, Sho Kato, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(12) 11:45-12:00 An Examination of an AR System Focused on Grasping a Virtual Object with Various Shapes. Daiki Ebihara, Sota Suzuki, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ)
  12:00-13:00 Break ( 60 min. )
Sat, Feb 20 PM 
13:00 - 14:15
(13) 13:00-13:15 Path planning for autonomous mobile robot using spatiotemporal RRT considering ambiguity in motion of dynamic obstacles Tsubasa Kurosaka, Tomoaki Nakamura, Masahide Kaneko (UEC)
(14) 13:15-13:30 Autonomous accompanying robot which adjusts the relative position with companion properly under dynamic environment Takafumi Watanuki, Tomoaki Nakamura, Masahide Kaneko (UEC)
(15) 13:30-13:45 Computerized facial caricature modeled on the drawing style and emphasis technique by caricaturist Kohei Hayashi, Tomoaki Nakamura, Masahide Kaneko (UEC)
(16) 13:45-14:00 Choreography synthesis system by inputting body-part motions using a Kinect Tetsutoshi Nomura, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ)
(17) 14:00-14:15 Simulation system of Buddhist Ceremonial Procession using VR Technologies Keisuke Sumida, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.)
Sat, Feb 20 PM 
13:00 - 14:15
(18) 13:00-13:15 Relation of Bit Depth and Gamma Characteristic in Image Display to Image Impressions Anna Kobayashi, Michimi Inoue, Mie Sato, Miyoshi Ayama (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(19) 13:15-13:30 Effect of the videos with rotating fabric drapes on the texture Yuta Yoshino, Tomoharu Ishikawa (Utsunomiya Univ), Yoshiko Yanagida (Bunka Gakuen Univ), Kazuya Sasaki, Miyoshi Ayama (Utsunomiya Univ)
(20) 13:30-13:45 Effects of 3D model action and image preciseness on KANSEI evaluation of CG animation Irin Chin, Miyosi Ayama (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(21) 13:45-14:00 A preliminary study on non-rigid registration of abdominal CT images using bones Yuki Hayakawa, Hotaka Takizawa, Hiroyuki Kudo, Toshiyuki Okada (Univ. of Tsukuba)
(22) 14:00-14:15 A preliminary study on segmentation of vertebrae in CT images Tatsuya Yasuda, Hotaka Takizawa (Univ. of Tsukuba), Toshiaki Okumura (NIT, Sendai College), Hiroyuki Kudo, Toshiyuki Okada (Univ. of Tsukuba)
  14:15-14:25 Break ( 10 min. )
Sat, Feb 20 PM 
14:25 - 15:40
(23) 14:25-14:40 A robust image retrieval method using the trace transform for JPEG 2000 Images Masafumi Shimoyama, Sayaka Shiota, Hitoshi Kiya (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
(24) 14:40-14:55 High-Accuracy Projection Mapping with a Low-Cost Depth Sensor Yohei Aoki (UEC), Keisuke Maruyama (Kyorin Univ.), Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(25) 14:55-15:10 Realizing dynamic spatial augmented reality using High-Speed key point detection Naoya Niwata, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
(26) 15:10-15:25 A Study on Image Quality Index using Zero-Run-Length of DCT Coefficients for JPEG XT Images Masaki Kochi, Osamu Watanabe (Takushoku Univ.)
(27) 15:25-15:40 Estimation method of mosquito noise in JPEG image based on cepstrum analysis Kei Satou, Masashi Kameda (Iwate Prefectural Univ.)
Sat, Feb 20 PM 
14:25 - 15:40
(28) 14:25-14:40 Content Based Image Retrieval using color information Takuya Nishimoto, Shota Nakamura, Yoshiki Mizukami (Yamaguchi Univ.)
(29) 14:40-14:55 Human posture estimation using a texture image Shingo Nakatani, Yoshiki Mizukami (Yamaguchi Univ.)
(30) 14:55-15:10 3D reconstruction using plane detection Naoto Suyama, Shun Tokuda, Yoshiki Mizukami (Yamaguchi Univ.)
(31) 15:10-15:25 Discrimination nodding of page turning cue and finding a rhythm Haruka Jibiki, Yasuyuki Saito (NIT,Kisarazu College), Eita Nakamura (Kyoto Univ.), Shigeki Sagayama (Meiji Univ.)
(32) 15:25-15:40 Creation-and-play system of Shomyo musical scores using a tablet Tomoko Nishijima, Asako Soga (Ryukoku Univ.)
  15:40-15:50 Break ( 10 min. )
Sat, Feb 20 PM 
15:50 - 16:50
(33) 15:50-16:50 [Special Talk]
Restoration of Text Strokes in a Document Image with an Irregular Background
Xiaohua Zhang (HIT), Ning Xie (TJU), Heming Huang, Yuelan Xin (QNU)
  16:50-17:00 ( 10 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
Young Researcher's TalkEach speech will have 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Special TalkEach speech will have 50 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

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