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Technical Group on Sport Information Processing (SIP) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hiroshi Watanabe (Waseda Univ.)
Secretary Mitsugu Kakuta (Nippon Sport Science Univ.), Ryosuke Watanabe (KDDI Research), Dan Mikami (NTT), Itaru Kitahara (Tsukuba Univ.), Hideki Mitsumine (NHK)

Technical Group on Media Engineering (ME) [schedule] [select]
Chair Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Secretary Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), Koichi Ito (Tohoku Univ.), Masahiro Tada (Kinki Univ.)

Conference Date Mon, Dec 17, 2018 13:00 - 17:10
Tue, Dec 18, 2018 10:00 - 12:10
Conference Place  
Transportation Guide

  13:00-13:05 Opening ( 5 min. )
Mon, Dec 17 PM 
13:05 - 15:10
(1) 13:05-13:30 A Study on Improvement of Lateral Resolution in Ultrasound Super Resolution Imaging Ryoya Kozai, Jing Zhu, Kan Okubo, Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
(2) 13:30-13:55 Examination of segmentation of 3D plant model by its skeleton Kazuya Kohari, Ikuko Shimizu (TUAT)
(3) 13:55-14:20 Video analysis for recognizing listener's understanding in conversation Yuuki Kimura, Teppei Tajima, Ryoko Uno, Ikuko Shimizu (TUAT)
(4) 14:20-14:45 Study on improvement of depth recovery by the camera simulating fixational eye movements Yuichiro Deguchi, Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ)
(5) 14:45-15:10 A Study on Marker Detection with Non-rigid Shape Estimation for Spatial Augmented Reality Daiki Miyazaki, Naoki Hashimoto (UEC)
  15:10-15:20 Break ( 10 min. )
Mon, Dec 17 PM 
15:20 - 17:10
(6) 15:20-15:45 Basic Study of Body Shape's Evaluation for Multiple Dancers Using OpenPose Kentaro Inada, Takaaki Ishikawa, Hiroshi Watanabe (Waseda Univ.)
(7) 15:45-16:10 OpenPose to Longitodinally Rotating Action Sakiko Kawashima, Takaaki Ishikawa, Hiroshi Watanabe (Waseda Univ.)
(8) 16:10-17:10 [Special Talk]
Human motion analysis using images
Hidetaka Okada (UEC)
Tue, Dec 18 AM 
10:00 - 12:10
(9) 10:00-10:25 A Study for Ball Tracking in Basketball Analysis using Multi-View Image Sequences Shuji Tanikawa, Norio Tagawa (TMU)
(10) 10:25-10:50 Towards Action Recognition for Shot Classification in Badminton Video using Skeleton-based Features Daichi Yamaoka, Yoshimitsu Aoki (Keio Univ.)
(11) 10:50-11:15 A trial on sport-informatics Junnosuke Kado, Daiki Suehiro (Kyushu Univ.), Takaaki Kato (Keio Univ.), Seiichi Uchida (Kyushu Univ.)
(12) 11:15-11:40 Sequence Alignment of Time-Series Multidimensional Data Extracted from Sports Video Shinya Yokoi (Waseda Univ.), Takaaki Ishikawa (GITI), Hiroshi Watanabe (Waseda Univ.)
(13) 11:40-12:05 Proposal of automatic measurement method of swimming speed from Fixed Point Camera Movie for Competitive Swimming Genta Imai, Hiroshi Esaki (The University of Tokyo)
  12:05-12:10 Closing ( 5 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Special TalkEach speech will have 50 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

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SIP Technical Group on Sport Information Processing (SIP)   [Latest Schedule]
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ME Technical Group on Media Engineering (ME)   [Latest Schedule]
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