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ME, IST, IEICE-BioX, IEICE-SIP, IEICE-MI, IEICE-IE [detail] 2024-06-07
Niigata Nigata University (Ekinan-Campus "TOKIMATE") Lightweight Object Detection Model for a Binary Feature Extractable CMOS Image Sensor
Keiichiro Kuroda, Yudai Morikaku, Yu Osuka (Ritumeikan Univ), Ryuichi Ujiie, Daisuke Morikawa, Hideki Shima, Okura Syunsuke, Kota Yoshida (Ritumeikan Univ)
(To be available after the conference date) [more]
ME 2023-12-14
Niigata Niigata Univ.
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
[Short Paper] A Perceptual Encryption Method for JPEG XL Images
Zhu Rongjia, Osamu Watanabe
A new perceptual encryption method for JPEG XL images is proposed in this report. JPEG XL (ISO/IEC 18181) is one of the ... [more] ME2023-100
IEICE-BioX, IEICE-SIP, IEICE-IE, IST, ME [detail] 2023-05-19
Mie Sansui Hall, Mie University
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
On-Chip Data Reduction and Object Detection for a Feature Extractable CMOS Image Sensor
Yudai Morikaku (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Ryuichi Ujiie, Daisuke Morikawa, Hideki Shima, Kota Yoshida, Shunsuke Okura (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Society 5.0, in which information from sensors in physical space is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberspa... [more] IST2023-16 ME2023-59
MMS, ME, AIT, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS [detail] 2023-02-22
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Parametric Weight Method for Scene Text Image Super-Resolution
Supatta Viriyavisuthisakul (JAIST), Parinya Sanguanset (PIM), Teeradaj Racharak, Minh Le Nguyen (JAIST), Toshihiko Yamasaki (UTokyo)
IIEEJ, AIT 2022-10-31
Online on line A System for Interactive Sound Synthesis Based on Tree Simulation
Kazuki Matsuura, Makoto Fujisawa, Masahiko Mikawa
In this paper, we proposes a system to generate environmental sounds from tree swaying based on a tree simulation. A pos... [more] AIT2022-184
IEICE-EID, 3DMT, IDY, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2022-10-28
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
3DMT 2022-03-07
Online   Perceptual amount of motion-in-depth when the binocular disparity and target size changes are added to two different superimposed visual targets
Yushi Nakashima (Niigata Univ), Yuki Yatsumonji, Shigehito Tanahashi (Niigata Univ)
The present study investigated the effect of binocular disparity and change size on the amount of perceived motion in de... [more] 3DIT2022-3
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2021-03-08
Online Online "RO": Expressions of the Spatiality of "Frames" in Animation
Jiali Shi, Yoshihisa Kanematsu, Koji Mikami (TUT)
The author believes that the shape of “ロ(RO)” can be identified as “frame”. The author would like to show the "space of ... [more] AIT2021-110
ENT 2020-07-25
Tokyo THE SUMIDA HOKUSAI MUSEUM [Keynote Address] -
Hideichi Tamegaya
 [more] ENT2020-1
IST 2019-09-20
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. A new 0.8um CMOS image sensor with low RTS noise and high full well capacity
Takuma Hasegawa (OVT Japan), Kazufumi Watanabe, Y. Jay Jung (OVT), Nagataka Tanaka, Takashi Nakashikiryo (OVT Japan), Wu-Zang Yang (OVT Taiwan), Alan Chih-Wei Hsiung, Zhiqiang Lin, Sohei Manabe, Vincent C. Venezia, Lindsay A. Grant (OVT)
This is a report of a new 0.8µm, 32 mega pixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) with OmniVision second-generation (Gen2) stacking... [more] IST2019-46
BCT, IEICE-OCS, IEICE-OFT, IEE-CMN [detail] 2018-11-09
Okayama Kurashiki-City-Geibunnkan [Invited Lecture] 4K/8K broadcasting is coming on CATV! -- How to tackle technical challenges for 4K/8K broadcasting by cable television --
Kazutomo Uezono, Yasunori Motonaga, Hideyuki Sogabe, Tatsuo Shibata
Cable television operators offer a wide range of programs provided by terrestrial, satellite and pay channels to meet us... [more] BCT2018-90
AIT, 3DMT, OSJ-HODIC 2017-09-15
Tokyo Tokyo Institute of Technology Transmission and Reconstructed of the Computer Generated Hologram using the Digital Wireless LED Visible Light Communication -- Improvement of the reconstruction image using the band pass filter --
Masataka Tozuka, Kunihiko Takano (TMCIT), Mitsuji Matsumoto (WASEDA), Koki Sato
In the case of a hologram displaying three dimensions, reconstruction illumination light is necessary to visualize it. I... [more] AIT2017-166 3DIT2017-29
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2017-03-14
Tokyo Ochanomizu Univ. A study of onomatopoeia AR application using weather information
Kana Kurihara (Meisei Univ.), Yohei Seta (Chuo Univ.), Megumi Kaneko, Meeko Kuwahara (Meisei Univ.)
 [more] AIT2017-90
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2017-03-14
Tokyo Ochanomizu Univ. A study of production support system for stop motion animation
Ami Honda (Meisei Univ.), Megumi Kaneko, Meeko Kuwahara (Meisei Univ.)
 [more] AIT2017-114
IST 2015-09-18
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. The source decomposition of Dark FPN and its improvement by Stacked CIS process
Yuichiro Yamashita, Wen-hau Wu, Wen-jen Chiang, Chi-hsien Chung, Ren-jie Lin, Jhy-jyi Sze, Jen-cheng Liu, Cheng-hsien Tseng, Hirohumi Sumi (TSMC), Sho-gwo Wuu
 [more] IST2015-46
IST 2015-09-18
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. High-Sensitivity Image Sensor with Stacked Structure comprising Crystalline Selenium Photoconductor, Crystalline OS FET, and CMOS FET
Yoshiyuki Kurokawa, Takashi Nakagawa, Shuhei Maeda, Takuro Ohmaru, Takayuki Ikeda, Yasutaka Suzuki, Naoto Yamade, Hidekazu Miyairi (SEL), Shigeyuki Imura, Kenji Kikuchi, Kazunori Miyakawa, Hiroshi Ohtake, Misao Kubota (NHK), Makoto Ikeda, Shunpei Yamazaki (SEL)
To realize a high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor using avalanche multiplication, we investigate the feasibility of a pixe... [more] IST2015-51
3DMT, IDY 2015-07-24
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. 3D Display with the Frame in Real Image Region
Noriji Oishi
The viewing zone of the conventional 3D display that uses a lenticular lens determined by the specifications of the lens... [more] IDY2015-21 3DIT2015-24
3DMT, IDY 2015-07-24
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. 3D Animation by the Printed Image using Concave/Convex Lens and Lenticular Lens
Noriji Oishi
In the previous paper, it has been proposed an optical system to display the 3D animation by the printed image consistin... [more] IDY2015-22 3DIT2015-25
IST, IEICE-ICD 2015-07-03
Kanagawa National Defense Academy [Invited Talk] System Design for Energy Harvesting -- Efficient Boost converter and low power digital circuits design --
Mitsuji Okada
AIT, IIEEJ, AS 2015-03-14
Tokyo   Animation by the Printed Image using Lenticular Lens and Backlight
Noriji Oishi
The animation displayed by the conventional apparatus comprising a lenticular lens and the printed image was limited to ... [more] AIT2015-80
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