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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2022-03-08
Online Online Generating Cel Anime Motions by Speed Distribution-Aware Inbetweening
Yui Koroku, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
 [more] AIT2022-54
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2022-03-08
Online Online Natural Landscape Modeling Support Based on Terrain Feature Texture and Walking Route Map
Ryosuke Nishida, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
With the recent progress in CG representation, the cost of terrain generation using 3D instances has increased, and it i... [more] AIT2022-56
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2022-03-08
Online Online Photo Retouching for Mixed Painting Material Style in Digital Illustrations with Verification of its Visual Effects
Tomoya Kobayashi, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
In digital illustration, there exist painting styles that combine multiple visual effects specific to painting materials... [more] AIT2022-61
BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-02-17
Online Online Autoencoder-based Pilot Pattern Design for CDL Channels
Yuta Yamada, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
In the pilot-based channel estimations, a large number of pilot signals enable an improvement in the channel estimation ... [more] BCT2022-13
IEICE-SDM, IEICE-ICD, IST [detail] 2021-08-17
Online Online [Invited Talk] Real Haptics and Its Impact to Future Society
Kouhei Ohnishi (Keio Univ.), Tomoyuki Shimono (YNU)
Real Haptics is able to transmit the force/tactile sensation from the remote place to the local side. This means commun... [more] IST2021-42
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2021-03-08
Online Online Stereoscopic Effect Design with Pottery Wheel-type Canvas
Riwano Ikeda, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Effects such as flames, smoke, and liquids play an important role in illustrations. However, it requires a great deal of... [more] AIT2021-34
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2021-03-08
Online Online Generating Naturally Animated Crowd Scenes with Non-Player Characters Based on Arousal-Valence Model -- Reproduction of Audience Interaction --
Ryo Oji, Ruizhe Li, Masanori Nakayama, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Humanoid non-player characters (NPC's) in video games generally behave like a robot performing only their predetermined ... [more] AIT2021-37
BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-02-17
Online TBD Channel Estimation to Mitigate Channel Aging in Massive MIMO with Pilot Contamination
Hiroki Hirose, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
In a massive multiple-input mltiple-output (MIMO) system based on time division duplex (TDD), the channel state informat... [more] BCT2021-12
BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-02-17
Online TBD Polar Code Search Method using Tabu Search and Bhattacharyya Parameter
Akira Yamada, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
 [more] BCT2021-13
HI, VRPSY 2020-11-27
Online   Perception of wind direction in cutaneous sensation
Hidemi Komatsu (Keio Univ.), Kayoko Murata (JSPS(Chiba Univ.))
 [more] HI2020-67
HI, VRPSY 2020-11-28
Online   The role of cutaneous and vestibular sensory systems in transfer perception
Kayoko Murata (JSPS/Chiba Univ.), Hidemi Komatsu (Keio Univ.), Makoto Ichikawa (Chiba Univ.)
 [more] HI2020-75
ME, JSPE-IAIP 2020-09-07
Online Online *
Ryo Takahashi (Keio Univ.), Yuji Ssato, Junko Furuyama, Megumi Yamaoka, Masamoto Tanabiki (Panasonic), Yoshimitsu Aoki (Keio Univ.)
 [more] ME2020-91
ME, JSPE-IAIP 2020-09-07
Online Online *
Daiki Ito, Yoshimitsu Aoki (Keio Univ.)
 [more] ME2020-99
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2020-03-13
Tokyo Tokyo University of Technology
Visual simulation of wave propagation on arbitrary surface using displacement mapping -- Distortion correction by cube maps --
Shunsuke Kira, Masanori Nakayama, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
 [more] AIT2020-54
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2020-03-13
Tokyo Tokyo University of Technology
Toward script translation in calligraphic works using deep learning -- Character recognition of seal scripts --
Shohei Ninomiya, Masanori Nakayama, Atsushi Miyazawa, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Calligraphic scripts are classified broadly into five types: seal, clerical, cursive, running, and standard. In this stu... [more] AIT2020-69
BCT, IEEE-BT 2020-02-20
Shiga   Learning-Based Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO with Pilot Contamination and Its Impact of Model Mismatch in Training
Hiroki Hirose, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
In massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), a base station (BS) needs accurate estimation of channel state informa... [more] BCT2020-24
BCT, IEEE-BT 2020-02-20
Shiga   Discrete Polar Decoder with Reduced Hardware and Computational Complexity by Quantization using Information Bottleneck Method
Akira Yamada, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
Polar codes are attracting much attention and being used for control channels of the 5th generation of mobile communicat... [more] BCT2020-25
BCT, IEEE-BT 2020-02-20
Shiga   Learning and Analysis of Damping Factor in Massive MIMO Detection using BP Algorithm with Node Selection
Junta Tachibana, Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)
 [more] BCT2020-26
IEICE-SDM, IEICE-ICD, IST [detail] 2019-08-09
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ., Graduate School /Faculty of Information Science and Interface with Opamp Output-Impedance Calibration Technique for a Large Integrated 2-D Resistive Sensor Array
Yohsuke Shiiki, Hiroki Ishikuro (Keio Univ.)
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2019-03-12
Tokyo Waseda Univ. rewind:Visualization of web video viewing history for self-examination
Takuya Suga, Masanori Nakayama, Issei Fujishiro (Keio Univ.)
Due to today's advancement of information technology and online video platforms, we watch more and more videos on the we... [more] AIT2019-83
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