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HI 2024-03-19
Online   An Examination on Influence of Transition Process to an Avatar on the Sense of Embodiment
Itsuki Aonuma, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ)
The sense of embodiment is important in the use of virtual avatars. In this study, we propose a general-purpose active t... [more] HI2024-12
HI 2024-03-19
Online   An Examination on Effects of Adding Contact Sound to Avatars on Their Presence
Tatsuya Tominaga, Shota Imaizumi, Kosei Tomioka, Fumito Okabe, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
 [more] HI2024-19
HI 2024-03-19
Online   An Examination on Error Reduction for Gazing Point Determination in AR
Kazuki Narita, Hayata Saito, Kei Kanari, Sato Mie (Utsunomiya Univ.)
 [more] HI2024-23
HI 2024-03-19
Online   An Examination on Influence of Sensory Fusion on Depth Estimation of Virtual Objects in AR
Sakurako Uchiyama, Hayata Saito, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya)
In AR/VR, the sense of depth for the pointer itself is important because the pointer is often used to select a virtual o... [more] HI2024-25
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2024-03-05
Tokyo Tokyo University of Technology An Examination of Fatigue Emergence for Reading in VR
Shogo Nishida, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In the field of education, teaching materials using virtual reality (VR) technology have been developed. Although there ... [more] AIT2024-74
IEICE-HIP, HI, VRPSY, ASJ-H [detail] 2024-02-22
Okinawa   An Examination on Distance Perception Support Using Object Oscillation in Virtual Space
Hayata Saito, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In this study, we created a method for depth estimation by oscillating objects based on the results of previous studies ... [more] HI2024-3
IEICE-HIP, HI, VRPSY, ASJ-H [detail] 2024-02-23
Okinawa   An Examination of Effective visual feedback for virtual grasping
Shota Imaizumi, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
Visual feedbacks when grasping a virtual object that change the color of the fingers or the object are often preferred b... [more] HI2024-6
ME 2024-02-10
Online online Effects of Visual and Thermal Stimulation on Thermal Sensation in Virtual Reality
Miyu Shimizu, Mie Sato, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
 [more] ME2024-5
ME 2024-02-10
Online online An Examination on Avatar Deformity and Task Loads Required to Induce a Sense of Body Ownership
Fumito Okabe, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomoya Univ)
In VR, non-human avatars can be used to create experiences that are not possible in reality. However, it has been known ... [more] ME2024-6
3DMT 2023-10-03
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Effect of attention shift with head movement on optokinetic nystagmus and pupillary response
Tetsuro Kamiyama, Mie Satou, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
The pupil changes not only by the luminance at the eye position but also by that at the attended location. Similarly, op... [more] 3DMT2023-54
IEICE-HIP, HI, VRPSY [detail] 2023-02-22
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
The effect of visual salience in paintings on viewer's emotions
Yuma Sasaki, Mie Sato, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
ME 2023-02-04
Online online Optokinetic nystagmus and pupillary responses in attention shift with head movement
Tetsuro Kamiyama, Mie Sato, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(To be available after the conference date) [more] ME2023-1
ME 2023-02-04
Online online Effect of the color of a body pillow in VR space on the sense of relax
Souma Takanashi, Mie Sato, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
(To be available after the conference date) [more] ME2023-2
ME 2023-02-04
Online online An Examination of a Virtual Keyboard for Flick Input
Yuta Taneichi, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
 [more] ME2023-7
IEICE-EID, 3DMT, IDY, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2022-10-28
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
An Examination on a Character Shaking Correction Method When Walking with AR Glasses
Hiromu Koide, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In recent years, augmented reality (AR) has started to be used in our daily lives, such as walking. On the other hand, h... [more] IDY2022-33 3DMT2022-60
IEICE-MVE, HI, SIP, VRSJ, HI-SIG-DeMO, IPSJ-HCI, IPSJ-EC [detail] 2022-06-16
Online Online An Examination on Eye-Gaze Input Using a Bubble Cursor in AR
Tomohiro Fujiwara, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ)
In recent years, research on augmented reality (AR) has been actively conducted, and eye-gaze input has been attracting ... [more] HI2022-20 SIP2022-2
AIT, IIEEJ, AS, CG-ARTS 2022-03-08
Online Online An examination of a multi-viewpoint viewing system for Ohayashi
Atsuki Hirakawa, Masaki Komaba, Hina Miyata, Keishi Asai, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato, Hiroshi Hasegawa (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In recent years, digital archives that can preserve and reproduce intangible cultural properties have been attracting at... [more] AIT2022-87
3DMT 2022-03-07
Online   An Examination of Effective Auditory Stimuli for Spatial Search of Transparent Virtual Objects
Kazuki Oikawa, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
In an immersive virtual reality environment, selection and manipulation of multiple objects pose challenges such as narr... [more] 3DIT2022-12
HI, IEICE-HIP, ASJ-H, VRPSY [detail] 2022-02-27
Online on line Mind-Writing by optokinetic nystagmus and pupil response
Chisato Inomata, Mie Sato, Kei Kanari (Utsunomiya Univ.)
HI, IEICE-HIP, ASJ-H, VRPSY [detail] 2022-02-27
Online on line An examination of relation between microsaccades and interests on natural images
Koya Suzuki, Kei Kanari, Mie Sato (Utsunomiya Univ.)
 [more] HI2022-2
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