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Committee Date Time Place Paper Title / Authors Abstract Paper #
HI, VRPSY 2020-11-27
Online   Training conditions required for color constancy based on machine learning
Takuma Morimoto (Univ. Oxford), Masahiro Suzuki (KAIT), Kowa Koida (TUT), Kazuho Fukuda (Kogakuin Univ.), Keiji Uchikawa (KAIT)
 [more] HI2020-71
ME, IEICE-IE, IEICE-ITS, MMS, HI, AIT [detail] 2019-02-19
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Preliminary Study on Color Constancy Using Chicks as Subjects
Ai Takeuchi, Masaki Ishizuka, Masahiro Suzuki (Tokiwa Univ.), Keiji Uchikawa (Kanagawa Inst. Tech.)
This study examined the experiments using animal subjects to reveal the mechanism of human color constancy. Previous stu... [more] MMS2019-12 HI2019-12 ME2019-34 AIT2019-12
HI, VRPSY 2017-11-24
Ishikawa Kanazawa Institute of Technology The effect of L/M cone ratio in luminance detection -- noise effect and contribution ratio --
Ryusuke Saito, Takehiro Nagai, Tomonori Tasiro, Yasuki Yamauchi (Yamagata Univ), Keiji Uchikawa (Kanagawa Univ)
 [more] HI2017-71
IEICE-EID, IDY, HI, 3DMT, IEE-OQD, SID-JC [detail] 2017-10-26
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg Toward a color display fused with its surrounding environment -- Evaluation of the influence of visual-field metamerism using a hyperspectral display --
Masahiro Yamaguchi, Yukako Nakama (Tokyo Tech), Keiji Uchikawa (Kanagawa Univ)
IDY 2016-03-11
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. [Invited Talk] Development and Application of Hyperspectral Two-Dimension Display
Makoto Saika, Takuji Sato, Keisuke Yoshida, mitsuharu yamada (Topcon Corp.), Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Inst. Tec.)
We have developed a hyperspectral two-dimensional display, which covers full color gamut and generates hyperspectral two... [more] IDY2016-20
HI, VRPSY 2015-11-13
Kagoshima Korimoto Campus, Kagoshima Univ. Development of an adaptive optics visual simulator for contrast sensitivity function measurement
Tatsuo Yamaguchi (TOPCON), Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
We developed an adaptive optics visual simulator (AOVS) to study the relationship between the aberration of human eye an... [more] HI2015-63
HI, VRPSY 2015-11-13
Kagoshima Korimoto Campus, Kagoshima Univ. Relationship between chromatic detection thresholds with L and M cone noise masking and L/M ratio.
Makito Sato, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
 [more] HI2015-67
HI, VRPSY 2015-11-14
Kagoshima Korimoto Campus, Kagoshima Univ. Relationship between luminance distribution statistics of an image and gold perception
Tomohisa Matsumoto, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
We investigated (1) the relationship between gold appearance, metallic appearance, and glossiness, and (2) what statisti... [more] HI2015-76
HI 2015-03-10
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Measurement of illuminant color-discrimination threshold using natural hyperspectral natural images and simulated daylights
Tomohiro Sakai (Tokyo Tech), Kazuho Fukuda (Kogakuin Univ.), Keiji Uchikawa, Toshifumi Mihashi (Tokyo Tech)
 [more] HI2015-53
HI 2014-11-28
Kumamoto Kumamoto City International Center Influences of different surrounds on brown perception
Takuma Morimoto (Tokyo Tech), Steven. L. Buck (UW), Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
When yellow targets are surrounded by higher-luminance stimuli, they are perceived as brown. Previous studies examined s... [more] HI2014-62
HI 2014-03-05
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Physical Limitation of Object Color's Luminance and Critical Luminance for the Transition of Color Appearance Mode
Kazuho Fukuda, Ai Numata, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech.)
The maximum luminance of an object color is physically restricted by its illuminant condition. To understand whether hum... [more] HI2014-40
HI 2013-12-07
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Effects of visual attention on the chromatic and achromatic channels
Keiko Kuwamura, Masayuki Sato (Univ. of Kitakyushu), Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech.)
Magnitudes of attentional influence on chromatic and achromatic channels were examined using a dual-task paradigm. In ex... [more] HI2013-70
HI 2013-12-07
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Measurement of Illuminant-Color Discrimination Thresholds Using Hyperspectral Images of Natural Scenes
Tomohiro Sakai, Kazuho Fukuda, Toshifumi Mihashi, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
 [more] HI2013-71
HI 2013-12-07
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Influence of differences in expressions of angry and happy on occurrence of facial-expression-contingent color aftereffects
Kei Ishiguro, Kazuho Fukuda, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
 [more] HI2013-72
HI 2012-12-02
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center [Invited Talk] Determination characteristics for vection yielded by two optical flows
Yuki Kawashima, Kazuho Fukuda, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
We investigated the characteristic of speed of vection occurred from two optical flows that were overlapped in the same ... [more] HI2012-82
HI 2012-12-02
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Development of Hyperspectral Display -- History to develop 2 dimensional hyperspectral displays --
Toshifumi Mihashi, Keiji Uchikawa, Kazuho Fukuda (Titech), Keisuke Yoshida (Topcon)
 [more] HI2012-85
HI 2012-12-02
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Influence of luminance-chromaticity distribution of surrounding colors and illuminant color temperatures on luminosity threshold for the surface color mode perception
Ai Numata, Kazuho Fukuda, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech)
 [more] HI2012-86
HI, 3DMT 2012-03-06
Tokyo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Influence of surrounding color's appearance mode on color constancy
Kazuho Fukuda, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech), Donald I A MacLeod (UCSD)
On color constancy, the ability to perceive stable object color, it was shown that brighter surrounding colors had great... [more] HI2012-52 3DIT2012-21
HI [detail] 2011-12-09
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center Cortical activity of trichromats and dichromats during color naming
Hirotoshi Nishita, Kazuho Fukuda, Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Tatsuya Yoshizawa (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Haruyuki Kojima (Kanazawa Univ)
 [more] HI2011-81
HI [detail] 2011-12-10
Okinawa Okinawa Industry Support Center [Invited Talk] Color constancy based on luminance balance of surfaces
Keiji Uchikawa (Tokyo Tech.)
 [more] HI2011-87
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