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ME, IST, IEICE-BioX, IEICE-SIP, IEICE-MI, IEICE-IE [detail] 2024-06-06
Niigata Nigata University (Ekinan-Campus "TOKIMATE") Out of date numerical algorithms such as DFT
Fumihiko Ishiyama (NTT)
(To be available after the conference date) [more]
SIP 2024-03-21
Ibaraki Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba Bunch of Tricks for Improving Shuttlecock Detection from Badminton Videos
Muhammad Abdul Haq (TMU), Shuhei Tarashima (NTT Com), Norio Tagawa (TMU)
Accurate identification of the shuttlecock is necessary for video analysis in badminton matches, but, it remains difficu... [more] SIP2024-4
HI 2024-03-19
Online   Developed food appearance chaging system using a non-coaxial projection camera system that enables 3D tracking and verification of cross-modal effects
Murata Motoki, Okajima Katsunori (YNU)
Coaxial projector-camera systems are mainly used for dynamic projection mapping that can track three dimensions, but the... [more] HI2024-13
HI 2024-03-19
Online   Real Image Substitution for Avatars in Virtual Space Communication Systems
Ben Hhuang, Katsunori Okajima (YNU)
 [more] HI2024-22
HI 2024-03-19
Online   Prediction and reproduction of the sensation of food penetration based on motion and audio information
Shuma Shibasaki, Katsunori Okajima (YNU)
The haptic parameters of a haptic feedback device (Phantom Premium 1.0) were used to reproduce the sensation of penetrat... [more] HI2024-24
HI 2024-03-19
Online   Verification of an Efficient Model for Real-Time 4x Video Super-Resolution
Junichi Nakajima, Shinji Fukatsu (NTT)
We investigated a re-parameterization method for x4 super-resolution processing to improve image quality while maintaini... [more] HI2024-27
HI 2024-03-19
Online   Bicycle riding experience system that realizes the experience of video, sound, and vibration based on multiple cameras and microphones mounted on bicycles
Yasuyuki Nakajima, Kazu Miyakawa, Takayuki Kurozumi, Kimitaka Tsutsumi, Yuichi Maki, Makoto Muto, Tetsurou Yamazaki (NTT)
We implemented and evaluated a bicycle riding experience system that enables the user to experience a bicycle race by es... [more] HI2024-29
IEICE-ITS, IEICE-IE, ME, AIT, MMS [detail] 2024-02-19
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. Efficient Human Pose and Shape Estimation using Decomposed Manhattan Self-Attention
Yushan Wang, Botao Zhang (TMU), Shuhei Tarashima (NTT Com), Norio Tagawa (TMU)
HMR2.0, a high performance human pose and shape estimation algorithm, leverages ViT as its backbone and uses pretrained ... [more] MMS2024-9 ME2024-25 AIT2024-9
IEICE-ITS, IEICE-IE, ME, AIT, MMS [detail] 2024-02-19
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. Exploring Source-free Domain Adaption in Multiple Object Tracking
Shu Xinqi (Tokyo Metropolitan Uni.), Tarashima Shuhei (NTT Com), Tagawa Norio (Tokyo Metropolitan Uni.)
In MOT, the task involves detecting and tracking objects across continuous frames, presenting challenges such as occlusi... [more] MMS2024-16 ME2024-32 AIT2024-16
BCT, IEEE-BT 2024-02-16
Aichi Nagoya International Center
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Implementation and Performance of 12-Stream Software-Defined-Radio Transmitter for MIMO Transmission Experiment
Keisuke Kuwajima, Hidekazu Murata (Yamaguchi Univ.), Satoshi Suyama, Huiling Jiang (NTT DOCOMO)
Compared to the fourth-generation mobile communication, the fifth-generation mobile communication enables even higher sp... [more] BCT2024-32
BCT, IEEE-BT 2024-02-16
Aichi Nagoya International Center
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Study on Error Performance of Linear MIMO Reception using Null-Space Expansion Technique over Time-Variant Channels
Shohei Kobayashi, Yuki Ohi, Hidekazu Murata (Yamaguchi Univ.), Makoto Taromaru (Fukuoka Univ.), Tatsuhiko Iwakuni, Daisei Uchida, Naoki Kita (NTT)
In mobile communication, the propagation channel changes over time. It is known that fixing composite weights for interf... [more] BCT2024-33
HI, VRPSY, JSKE 2023-11-10
Wakayama Wakayama Big-ai, Room 801 Pseudo Stickiness Caused by Dynamic Visual Information Between Fingertips
Naoya Motegi, Katsunori Okajima (YNU)
Research on pseudo-haptics caused by modulating visual information has been actively conducted, but the types of tactile... [more] HI2023-20
IEICE-OCS, IEICE-OFT, IEE-CMN, BCT [detail] 2023-11-10
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
High-accuracy distributed strain sensing based on low-coherence BOCDR: simulation and experimental validation
Kenta Otsubo, Guangtao Zhu, Takaki Kiyozumi (YNU), Hiroshi Takahashi (YNU/NTT), Yusuke Koshikiya (NTT), Yosuke Mizuno (YNU)
As a principle of distributed measurement of strain and temperature along an optical fiber, the strain/temperature depen... [more]
IEICE-OCS, IEICE-OFT, IEE-CMN, BCT [detail] 2023-11-10
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Ten-fold expansion of measurement range in OCDR utilizing temporal gating
Mana Sakamoto, Tomoya Miyamae (YNU), Kohei Noda (UTokyo), Heeyoung Lee (SIT), Yosuke Mizuno (YNU)
IEICE-OCS, IEICE-OFT, IEE-CMN, BCT [detail] 2023-11-10
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Gaussian-noise-model-based SNR Estimation in 15.2-THz Bandwidth 400-km Inline-amplified Transmission
Kosuke Kimura, Takayuki Kobayashi, Shimpei Shimpei, Masanori Nakamura, Takushi Kazama, Masashi Abe, Takeshi Umeki, Akira Kawai, Fukutaro Hamaoka, Yutaka Miyamoto (NTT)
We demonstrated that mean errors of the SNRs estimated with GN model accounting for SRS were less than 1 dB in 15.2-THz ... [more]
IEICE-OCS, IEICE-OFT, IEE-CMN, BCT [detail] 2023-11-10
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Estimation and localization of anomaly PDL in optical fiber link using longitudinal power profile estimation in coherent receiver
Minami Takahashi, Takeo Sasai, Etsushi Yamazaki, Yoshiaki Kisaka (NTT)
We experimentally demonstrate fiber-longitudinal monitoring that visualizes polarization-wise signal power profiles. The... [more]
IEICE-SIS, BCT 2023-10-12
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Performance evaluation of null-space expanded linear reception technique over time-varying MIMO channels
Yuki Ohi, Hidekazu Murata (Yamaguchi Univ.), Makoto Taromaru (Fukuoka Univ.), Tatsuhiko Iwakuni, Daisei Uchida, Naoki Kita (NTT)
This paper considers the improvement of multiple-input multiple-output signal separation performance using a linear spat... [more] BCT2023-69
IEICE-SIS, BCT 2023-10-13
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Performance improvement of terminal-collaborated MIMO reception system leveraging multiple decision results
Hayato Sugai, Hidekazu Murata (Yamaguchi Univ.), Daisuke Murayama, Toshiro Nakahira, Tomoaki Ogawa (NTT)
This paper deals with terminal-collaborated MIMO reception, in which nearby terminals collaborate to receive a MIMO sign... [more] BCT2023-71
IEICE-SIS, BCT 2023-10-13
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Performance of terminal-collaborated MIMO reception with two-stage terminal selection schemes based on channel matrices and residual error coefficients
Ryosuke Kanda, Hidekazu Murata (Yamaguchi Univ.), Satoshi Suyama, Huiling Jiang (NTT DOCOMO)
In terminal-collaborated multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) reception, the terminal to be the collaboration partner n... [more] BCT2023-72
IEICE-MVE, HI, VRSJ, HI-SIG-DeMO, IPSJ-HCI, IPSJ-EC [detail] 2023-06-01
Tokyo Univ. of Tokyo
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Glasses-free XR sharing dialogue system with a sense of real proximity using half-mirrors
Kenta Ogo (NTT)
Glasses-free XR side by side talking system with a sense of real proximity using half-mirrors.
In order to realize the ... [more]

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