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BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-03-11
Online   Synchronous Message Transmission by Moving Image QR Code Using Visible Light for Video Transmission
Yuto Kasuya, Takumi Hayashi, Koichi Uchiyama, Mikio Maeda (Kogakuin Univ.)
We have studied real-time underwater video transmission systems from submersibles, and proposed a new method to transmit... [more] BCT2022-23
BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-03-11
Online   Practical Experiment for 8K Full-remote Professional Media Production
Ryo Shirato, Junichiro Kawamoto, Takuya Kurakake, Tsuyoshi Nakatogawa (NHK)
We are aiming to realize the full-remote production which creates outside broadcasting program on the side of the broadc... [more] BCT2022-25
BCT, IEEE-BT 2022-03-11
Online   Development of 4K/UHD real-time video wireless transmission equipment using 10MHz/ch bandwidth
Daisuke Aida, Tomohiro Mogi, Takeshi Yajima, Nobuyuki Kuroyanagi, Tatsuya Shikiji (Koden)
With the spread of unmanned aerial vehicles, there is an increasing demand for transmitting high-definition (4K) video f... [more] BCT2022-26
IIEEJ, AIT 2021-10-27
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
Scene Segmentation for Instruction Videos by Learning Similarity between Videos and Sentence
Jumpei Hayashi, Yota Yamamoto, Yukinobu Taniguchi (TUS)
In industry such as manufacturing or restaurant, many companies use videos of experts’ work to efficiently transfer thei... [more] AIT2021-144
BCT, IEEE-BT 2020-03-05
Okinawa RBC Hall
Development of 2K/4K Multi-Format IP Transmission Device using Lightweight Compression
Ryo Shirato, Junichiro Kawamoto, Takuya Kurakake, Kyouichi Saito (NHK)
We are aiming to realize the remote production which makes the device management efficient and flexible by creating outs... [more] BCT2020-38
Kagoshima   Performance Evaluation on RTP Payload Mapping of JPEG XS to Reduce Image Quality Degradation
Junichiro Kawamoto, Ryo Shirato, Takuya Kurakake (NHK)
In an IP program production system, attention has been focused on a lightweight compression technology capable of transm... [more] BCT2020-15
IEICE-IE, IEICE-CS, IPSJ-AVM, BCT [detail] 2019-12-05
Iwate Aiina Center Multicast Converted Distribution for Live HTTP Streaming Video
Toshihito Fujiwara, Tomohiro Taniguchi (NTT)
In recent years, video streaming services using the HTTP streaming method have become widespread. HTTP streaming support... [more]
BCT, IEEE-BT 2019-06-14
Osaka MBS Chayamachi Plaza Development of Lightweight Compressed 8K over IP Transmission Device Realizing High-Reliable Function
Junichiro Kawamoto, Tomofumi Koyama, Masahiro Kawaragi, Ryo Shirato, Takuya Kurakake, Kyoichi Saito (NHK)
Technical development and standardization of transmitting video signals with low latency in IP packets are performed. In... [more] BCT2019-51
BCT, IEEE-BT 2019-03-15
Nagasaki Izuharachiku-Kouminkan (Tsushima City) Proposal of Video Division Method Suitable for Light-weight Compression on IP Remote Production
Ryo Shirato, Junichiro Kawamoto, Takuya Kurakake, Kyouichi Saito (NHK)
We are aiming to realize a multi-format transmission system capable of efficiently transmitting 2K/4K/8K video with one ... [more] BCT2019-44
BCT, IEEE-BT 2019-03-15
Nagasaki Izuharachiku-Kouminkan (Tsushima City) Real-time Distribution of Dynamic Volumetric Data for Augmented Reality Synchronized with Broadcasting
Yuki Kawamura, Yuki Yamakami, Hiroyasu Nagata, Koichiro Imamura (NHK)
The advanced satellite broadcasting for UHDTV was launched in Japan in December 2018. MPEG media transport (MMT) is used... [more] BCT2019-46
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Trial of Super Realistic and Immersive Live Viewing Using Multi-Vision
Masato Ono, Takako Sato, Toshiharu Morizumi, Kouichi Furukado, Tetsuya Yamaguchi, Kouichi Maruyama, Takashi Miyatake, Akira Ono (NTT), Haruyuki Moroishi, Noriaki Fujiki (IRHD), Yuji Yamazaki, Mai Komano, Souzou Urakami, Takeshi Ishikawa, Naoto Hamada, Naoto Matoba, Seisyuu Itabashi (NTTDocomo)
In this paper, we report a trial of super realistic and immersive live viewing using multi-vision as an example of next ... [more] BCT2018-62
BCT, IEEE-BT 2017-10-20
Fukushima ApioSpace Research and Development on a Mobile Wireless Link System for Ultra High Definition Broadcasting Program Contribution
Naohiko Iai (NHK), Hikoichi Saito (NHK Integrated Technology Inc.), Mitsuru Uesugi (Panasonic), Atsushi Miyashita (HiKE), Tomohiro Saito (NHK)
The authors are conducting research on a next generation mobile Field Pick-up Unit (FPU) system that enables wirelessly ... [more] BCT2017-81
BCT, IEEE-BT [detail] 2017-02-24
Aichi Kanpo-no-yado Chita-mihama [Memorial Lecture] A Development of Erasure Correction Code to Improve Burst Loss Tolerance Applying to Video over IP Transmission for Program Production
Junichiro Kawamoto (NHK)
Technological development and standardization of contribution signals to IP (Internet Protocol) with low latency for pro... [more] BCT2017-36
BCT, IEEE-BT 2016-10-21
Aomori Aomorishi-Bunka-Kaikan Video coding technology for 8K Super Hi-Vision broadcasting
Shinichi Sakaida (NHK)
8K/4K Super Hi-Vision (SHV) test satellite broadcasting was launched on 1st August, 2016. Highly efficient video coding ... [more] BCT2016-75
BCT, IEEE-BT, SHIKOKU 2016-09-09
Tokushima Tokugin Tomony Plaza(Tokushima) A Study for Recovery Video Clock Performances of Erasure Code Improving Burst Loss Tolerance
Junichiro Kawamoto, Takuya Kurakake (NHK)
Technical development and standardization of transmitting video signals with low latency in IP packets are performed. Fo... [more] BCT2016-67
BCT, IEEE-BT, HOKKAIDO [detail] 2016-07-28
Hokkaido Hokkaido Univ. A Study of Erasure Code to Improve Burst Loss Tolerance -- Performance Comparison with Interleaving Method --
Junichiro Kawamoto, Shuhei Oda, Takuya Kurakake (NHK)
With the spread of communication networks using IP (Internet Protocol), technical development and standardization of tra... [more] BCT2016-54
ME, AIT, IEICE-IE [detail] 2015-11-12
Kumamoto Sojo University Ikeda Campus [Invited Talk] Development of Video Coding Technologies and their Contributions to Industry -- Sharing Impression beyond Space Using Immersive Telepresence Technologies --
Hirohisa Jozawa (NTT)
Video input/output devices, video processing devices, and LSI design/manufacturing technologies support high quality dig... [more]
BCT, IEEE-BT 2015-10-23
Yamagata Yamagataterrsa Study of Error Correction Method to Improve Burst Loss Tolerance of Video Signal Transmission Using IP Packet
Junichiro Kawamoto, Tsuyoshi Nakatogawa, Takuya Kurakake (NHK)
With the spread of communication networks using IP (Internet Protocol), technical development and standardization of tra... [more] BCT2015-70
3DMT, IDY, IST 2015-10-15
Tokyo   An implementation of capture, transmission and display systems for multiview video stream
Shoichiro Iwasawa (NICT), Roberto Lopez-Gulliver (RITS), Masahiro Kawakita (NHK), Akio Ishikawa, Makoto Okui, Kenji Yamamoto (NICT)
We are working on the research and development of multiview imaging systems. This report describes the newly developed v... [more] IST2015-63 IDY2015-46 3DIT2015-38
BCT, IEEE-BT, SHIKOKU 2014-09-12
Ehime Ehime Univ. Evaluation of remote storage transmission system for automatically gathering earthquake video signals in IP network
Takeshi Kusakabe, Jun Asano, Shuhei Oda (NHK)
We developed a remote storage transmission system that automatically gathers high-quality video signals at the moment of... [more] BCT2014-73
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