Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ITE will endeavor to strictly follow the principles given below with regard to the amassing, usage,
and management of personal information.

(1) Amassing personal information and objectives for doing so
In order to provide the information necessary for our successful operation as a business entity,
and to provide services in line with our business goals,
ITE will at times collect personal information needed to discern the qualities of certain specified individuals.
In collecting such personal information, as a rule ITE will make clear its objectives for doing so,
and in handling it will respect the wishes and desires of the person providing it.

(2) Disclosing personal information to a third party
In accordance with legal precept, ITE will not disclose personal information it has received to any third party
without express permission from the person providing the information,
in the absence of any fair and justifiable reason for doing so.

(3) Managing personal information
ITE has established strict regulations pertaining to the handling of personal information it has received.
In accordance with these regulations, ITE will handle the information in a fair and correct manner
so as to avoid any destruction, modification, loss, or outside leakage of the information.
This does not pertain, however, to personal information that the information provider has him/herself made
available to the public.

(4) Disclosing/amending personal information
In the event ITE has received a request from an individual to disclose personal information pertaining to
that individual, as a rule ITE will disclose it without delay.
Further, in the event ITE has received a request from an individual to amend or correct personal information
pertaining to that individual, as a rule ITE will amend or correct it without delay.

(5) Handling personal information on our website
No use is made of “Cookies” on the ITE website (Hereafter “this website”).
The user assumes the responsibility for any risk that may be incurred in using this website.
ITE shall not be responsible for preserving/protecting any personal information appearing on other websites
linked to this website.

(6) Changes to privacy policy
To conform with changes in law and for other reasons, ITE reserves the right to make changes to its privacy
policy without prior notice.
The most recently revised ITE privacy policy shall always be applicable with respect to personal information
amassed by ITE.
Any such changes and the date they go into effect will be reported on the ITE website.

(7) Inquiries about handling of personal information
All inquiries pertaining to ITE policy with regard to the protection of personal information should be directed
to the following address:

The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Date established by ITE: 21 September 2005