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Join ITE

Reasons for joining
ITE activities are geared toward enhancing and disseminating the advancement of science and technology related to image information media. It goes without saying that image information is a core medium today and that image-related equipment, systems, and methods cover a broad spectrum in the areas of science and learning. In recent years activity in this field has been expanding still more. One feature of ITE is the wide variety of members it has, including specialists in science and technology fields from universities and research bodies, personnel engaged in development activities in broadcast organizations and manufacturers, field personnel responsible for engineering work, and persons involved in content creation. With ITE being an organization of specialists, its members work together to make beneficial contributions to society. We encourage younger members of the scientific community to join us and contribute their knowledge and skills in participating in activities in these inter-related fields.

Joining ITE gives its members opportunities to participate in seminars, meetings, lecture conferences, research groups, and activities related to the distribution of our journal. This enables them to take part in brainstorming activities for creating useful information, and to contribute to discussions and releases relevant to this topic. We firmly believe that this enables them to make even greater contributions to the development of related scientific fields.

What sort of persons do we encourage to become ITE members?
Persons who wish to enhance their technical skills, have their technical work evaluated properly, obtain better-quality information, become researchers of note, engage in high-level discussions, or expand their network of personal contacts.

Benefits to members
•Direct access to information on the latest achievements in technology related to image information
•Opportunities to engage in discussion with top-flight specialists
•Opportunities for brainstorming and evaluating technology developments
•Opportunities to form personal networks with technical experts in the business and academic fields
•Opportunities to continually enhance one’s technical skills and knowledge
•Opportunities to have business performance evaluated in terms of societal benefits
•Opportunities to support international conferences and technical papers issued by students
•Access to technical information not available from ordinary magazines
•Opportunities to show one’s standing as a technical specialist
•Discounted prices on books and other print materials

Member classifications
Regular Members
Individuals interested in, experienced in, or knowledgeable about science and technology relevant to image information. Membership fees are waived for persons having 30 consecutive years of membership or who have reached 70 years of age. *Regular members having 10 consecutive years of membership or who have made outstanding contributions to ITE activities will be designated "Fellow Members".
Student Members
Students specializing in image information-related fields. Upon graduation and transfer to Regular Member status, annual dues of JPY 6,000 will be charged for a two-year period.
Retained Members
Individuals/groups supporting ITE target businesses.
Special Members
Organizations concurring with ITE objectives.
Membership dues
Entry Fees
Regular members/JPY 500
Special members/JPY 1,000
By mutual agreement, the initial entry fee is waived for individuals from associated organizations (IEEJ, IEIEC, IEIJ, IPSJ, IEEE). A certificate of membership from the organization is required. No entry fee is required for Student Members.
Regular members/JPY 12,000 annually
Student Members/JPY 3,600 annually
Retained Members/JPY 25,000 annually
Special Members/JPY 20,000 annually
Members joining in mid-year are required to pay a full quota of annual dues. Dues are calculated at the time payment notices are prepared. Payment notices are issued in April each year, and members are encouraged to have payments made directly from their bank account or by the credit card payment system as described below. In accordance with Article 12 of the ITE Charter, dues payments are not refundable.
Dues payment systems
Account holder name
Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Postal transfer account number
Bank of account  (Note) Member names and company names must be clearly indicated for each transaction.
Mizuho Bank, Shimbashi Branch, Acct. No. 0104159
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Hibiya Branch, Acct. No. 1035527

Automatic dues withdrawl system:
Members using this system need complete the initial procedure only once, after which their dues are automatically withdrawn from their designated bank account on an annual basis. There is no need to go to a bank or post office each time, and no extra charges are incurred when payments are transferred. Newly joining members wishing to use this system can do so by specifying “Automatic dues withdrawl system” on the application form they mail or fax in at the time of joining. ITE will then send them an application form to join the program and request them to fill it in and return it to the ITE headquarters office. (Deadline for submission each year is the last day of February.)
Credit card dues payment system:
Cards issued to members are automatically renewed on the expiration date each year. Members wishing to use this system can do so by completing one of the (PDF format) application forms listed below and mailing or faxing it to the ITE headquarters office.

Credit card payment application form PDF

Fill in a Membership Application Form and mail or fax it to the address below.
For information about entry fees and dues, see Becoming a member. Please be sure to clearly specify the date and payment method in the “Contact” column. Your membership will be finalized upon verified receipt of your entry fee and dues. Those needing an application to join the automatic dues withdrawl program or a bill for payment of dues should clearly specify this in the “Contact” column.

The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Headquarters Office
Room 403, Kikai Shinko Kaikan 3-5-8 Shiba Park, Minato Ward,Tokyo, Japan 105-0011
TEL:+81(3)3432-4677 FAX:+81(3)3432-4675