Research Groups

Research Groups

■ Technical Group on Information Sensing Technologies
Chairman: Jun-ichi Akita (Kanazawa University)
Summary: Covers technologies related to the inputting of graphic images and related space information.

■ Technical Group on Information Display
Chairman: Munehiro Kimura (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Summary: Covers materials, devices, and systems linked to information display electronics, and peripheral-area problems

■ Technical Group on Multi-media Storage
Chairman: Norihiko Ishii (NHK)
Summary: Covers methods, media, recording/playback elements, encryption technology, signal processing technology,
servo and machine technology, and recording equipment/systems for graphics and related (e.g. voice, signal) information.

■ Technical Group on Broadcasting and Communication Technologies
Chairman: Kyoichi Saito (NHK)
Summary: Covers TV broadcasting, audio broadcasting, and data broadcasting methods and related transmission/
processing technologies, all equipment related to broadcast operations and operating technologies,
sending/receiving technologies for wireless/optical image and voice data transmission, related devices,
circuits and equipment, and peripheral technologies.

■ Technical Group on Human Information
Chairman: Takehiro Nagai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Summary: Covers technologies applicable to audio/visual engineering for clarifying audio-visual sensory characteristics.

■ Technical Group on Media Engineering
Chairman: Norio Tagawa (Tokyo Metroporitan University)
Summary: Covers hardware/software for information processing, communication, and systems related to media engineering,
including applied image information technologies in such areas as industry, education and medicine, image communication
services and systems utilizing networks, and information processing for character/drawing/graphic/image/ voice media.

■ Technical Group on Artistic Image Technology
Chairman: Nobuhiko Mukai (Tokyo City University)
Summary: Covers the latest new directions and possibilities in image creation through the use of electronic and optical
technologies (e.g. HDTV, computers) in the field of image expression, including television and cinema.

■ Technical Group on Entrepreneur Engineering
Chairman: Satoshi Kabasawa (SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.)
Summary: Studies business-related topics from seeds to processes used in business, whether technical or not, focusing on
the technology areas of concern to ITE. Typical of such topics are the following:

■ Technical Group on Three-Dimensional Image Technology
Chairman: Tsutomu Horikoshi (Shonan Institute of Technology)
Summary: The group aims to further improve present-day methods, and to strategically stimulate and promote R&D in new
technologies for achieving higher-quality 3-D images. To accelerate development of 3-D systems, it extensively covers related technologies and techniques, among them displays, human factors, input methods, content creation, image processing,
and application systems.

■ Technical Group on Sports Information Processing Engineering
Chairman: Hiroshi Watanabe(Waseda University)