Ultra-high definition/wide-color-gamut standard test sequences – Series B


These standard test sequences – Series B is provided as follows:
1. 8K and 4K resolutions prescribed by the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication    Sector (ITU-R) Recommendation BT.2020 as studio production standards for ultra-high definition    television (UHDTV).
2. 8K editions consist of 10 sequences.(No.1~No.5,No.7~No.11)
3. 4K editions consist of 16 sequences.(No.1~No.16)
4. UHDTV multi format color bars are included.
5. Each sequence duration is 16 seconds.(The title of 1 second is included.)
6. Data format is DPX. Test sequence consists of a still serial number file.

【Sequence Image】
When the title is clicked, you can see a preview video.


・See the  manual  (now japanese only).

※English version is being made at present.


The UHDviewer which indicates DPX data by the Windows environment.
1. It’s possible to play a serial number file continuously in a forward direction and an opposite direction by 1-10 frame unit.
2. A color system change is possible.(BT.2020→BT.709)
*The in-depth function see “README.txt”, please.


・1st sequence is 62,500JPY.
・2nd sequence is 61,250JPY.
・3rd sequence is 60,000JPY.
(Hereinafter ,reduce the price of each 1,250JPY.)
・When buying 4K edition and 8K edition at the same time, it’s plus 12,500JPY.
・When buying whole 4K editions,reduce the price 30,000JPY.
・When buying whole 8K editions,reduce the price 30,000JPY.
・When buying whole 4K and 8K editions,reduce the price 30,000JPY.

※The shipping charge is extra.


【Price example】
・Whole 4K sequences(16 sequences) are 812,500JPY.
・Whole 8K sequences(10 sequences) are 531,250JPY.
・Whole 4K and 8K sequences(26 sequences) are  862,500JPY.


【Offer medium】
Hard Disk Drive
※ Hard Disk Drive charge is extra.


【Date of release】

November 15 ,2017

Purchase application destination

The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3432-4677  e-mail: ite@ite.or.jp